Instagram Reels Ads: How To Boost Your Reels To Reach More Users

Updated July 20, 2023
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Since the introduction of Instagram Reels in 2020, a “Instagram REELS vs. TikTok” debate has been ongoing. With the introduction of Instagram Reels’ “Boost” feature that allows users to easily create Instagram Reels ads, this debate is heating up.

This article will cover everything you need regarding Instagram Reels and the new Boost tool. It also includes a step–by–step guide for creating your own boosted Reels.

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What are Instagram Reels?

Reels are Instagram’s answer to TikTok. Instagram Reels are vertical videos that appear on Instagram’s Reels tab. They are not part of the normal Instagram feed.

Reels, like TikTok’s, allow users to scroll endlessly so that they can watch uninterrupted video content. Reels can now be as long as 90 seconds (as opposed to TikTok’s 10-minute-long length).

Instagram Reels offer many customization options that can help you create an Instagram Reel that is unique, entertaining, and visually appealing.

  • You can add effects, filters, or stickers to your video while filming.
  • Collab tool to create Reels with other Instagram users
  • Music and sound libraries that include trending music and other audio
  • Voice effects and text-to-speech
  • Green screen effects

What are Instagram Reels ads and how do they work?

Instagram Reels ads appear next to organic Reels content on users’ regular feeds. This means that your Reels ad won’t interrupt their scrolling. Reels ads can be found in Stories, regular Instagram feeds, and Instagram’s Explore page, as well as within the Reels tab.

Boosted Reels

Instagram has recently introduced a “Boost” option for Reels. This feature transforms your Reels into ads, which can help you connect better with your audience and attract new customers.

It is simple to create Boosted Reels. You can either Boost an existing Reel or you can make a new Reel you wish to use as an ad.

How to launch an Instagram Reels advertising campaign

Here’s how to launch an Instagram Reels campaign quickly and easily.

1. Make sure you have Ads Manager access and set up your reel

You will need access to Instagram’s Ad Manager to launch an Instagram Reels campaign. You’re good to go if your account is a business account. Navigate to your settings to change your account to a professional.

Once you have all that sorted out, you can start creating your ad using the Reels creator tab. This involves filming your reel and creating your captions.

2. Establish your campaign goals.

You need to set your goals, just like with all advertising campaigns. You will need to decide the goals of your Instagram Reels advertising campaign. Also, you’ll need to specify details such as your budget and target audience.

3. Place your ad, and select a CTA

Place your new Instagram Reels ad. Next, tap “Manual Placements” then scroll through the dropdown menu until you find “Instagram Reels.” This will make sure your Reel appears in users’ feeds.

A CTA should be relevant to the ad. Instagram offers many CTA options, whether you are advertising a product, or service.

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Launch your Instagram Reels Ad Campaign!

How to increase Instagram Reels

Instagram reels
Instagram reels

How do we increase the reach of an Instagram Reel ad campaign?

It’s as simple as 1,2,3, literally, to boost an Instagram reel. You can increase your Instagram Reel in three easy steps and connect with a wider audience. Check out these steps to increase your Instagram Reel.

Before you begin

To boost a reel, there are some criteria that your reel must meet to be eligible for a boost.

  • Reels should not exceed 60 seconds
  • Filming must be done vertically or in a full-screen aspect ratio (9:16).
  • Copyrighted sounds or music, camera filters, interactive stickers or other stickers from third parties or GIFs must not be used
  • Facebook has not shared this information yet

1. Select the reel you wish to boost

Navigate to the Reels grid of your profile and tap on any Reel that you wish to boost. To open your Reel’s settings, click the three dots at the bottom of your Reel and tap the blue button “Boost Reel”.

2. Please specify the details of your Reel’s Campaign

You’ll then be taken to a page where you can fill out the details of your advertisement, including the results you are looking for, the people you are targeting, the budget you have available, the length of the ad, and the time it will last.

3. Send your Boosted Reel to be reviewed

Once you are satisfied with the layout of your Instagram Reels ad, click “Next” and then “Boost Reel”, to submit your reel for review.

To ensure that your boosted reel meets Instagram’s advertising policies, it must be reviewed. Don’t worry. Throughout the review process, you will be informed.

After you submit your ad, it will be reviewed and approved by the Activity Feed.

Tip: You can track the performance of your boosted Reels through your Insights. This will allow you to determine which Reels are bringing in the most engagement!

Best practices for Instagram Reels ads

These are some Instagram Reels ads’ best practices that you should keep in mind as you develop your Reels campaign.

Your ad should feel natural

Instagram Reels ads that come off as too salesy won’t perform as well. Your Reels ads should feel organic. This will help your Reels ads stand out by and not stand out (if this makes sense).

Reel ads that feel natural blend in with the content of users’ feeds, but still feel like an advertisement at the end. This makes it less disruptive and increases ad engagement.

Keep up-to-date with the latest trends.

Give people what they want. You can keep an eye on the posts of other users to stay up-to-date with current content trends.

This ensures that your content is relevant and timely, which consumers value when they make a purchase.

Keep it brief and sweet.

You want to convey your message as quickly and clearly as possible.

Reel ads should be under 60 seconds long. You won’t be able to make a great video that is longer than the time limit for boost eligibility.

Use the speech-to-text tool

Speech to text
Speech to text

When creating reels, the speech-to-text tool should not be ignored. Users scroll through social media frequently in public. They won’t be inclined to turn up the volume on their phones.

Speech-to-text allows users who don’t use sound to enjoy your Reel ads the same way as people who turn up their volume. The speech-to-text feature makes your Reel more accessible for people with hearing impairments.

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