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In this Post I’ll Go over the Steps I Take When Coming up with a name for a startup

Coming up with a name for a startup may be the most important part of your business journey. It is often the first thing someone notices about your business and if done well will never be forgotten, of course, marketing/branding, product/service, and customer service play very important roles as well. Ok, enough chit-chat lets get down to why you’re here.


Step 1: Brainstorming

First thing you want to do is brainstorm… Think of two phrases that describe your business. In this example, we’ll use dog walking.

First work is dog
Second word is walking

Next you’re going to look a handful of synonyms for each word, compiling them into a list

ie. for Dog

  1. pup
  2. puppy
  3. doggy
  4. hound
  5. mutt
  6. pooch
  7. tyke
  8. bowwow
  9. fido
  10. fleabag
  11. man’s best friend
  12. tail-wagger

ie. for Walking

  1. hike
  2. parade
  3. stroll
  4. tour
  5. stretch
  6. step
  7. march
  8. stride
  9. fido
  10. tread
  11. circuit
  12. ramble

Step 2: Domain Lookup

Once you’ve came up with a few good names, it’s time to take those names and combine them.

With your name combinations, ie. puphikes, doogymarch, fleabagstrolls (note: you can make them plural too) – go over to and see if any of the combinations you came up with are available for registration. This is very important for branding your business and finding one of these combinations in a domain will help make your brand look more polished and professional.

when you go to Namecheap make sure and input the word combination like this, (fun side note! this domain is still available and it is pretty good, but I may buy it so if you’re reading this, BUY IT QUICK! another side note, domain purchasing is kind of like stocks or real-estate, in fact it is digital real-estate that will only grow in the future so buy all the domains you can while they are still relatively cheap.)

Step 3: State Registration

Once you’ve checked the domain and found a name for your business, its time to check if it’s available on a state level (chances are 99.9999999999999999% sure it is available if the domain is still available.

Once all three of theses requirements are met – you’re done!! Yoou’ve found a really solid name to grow with 🙂

I hope this article helped and look forward to hearing your thoughts. Please let me know on Facebook or Youtube.

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