Is It Internet Explorer, Or Is Your Website Just Bad?

Updated July 7, 2023
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Is It Internet Explorer, Or Is Your Website Just Bad?

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What’s the Problem?

What's the problem

Designing a website that looks good on all browsers can be challenging. This is why web designers often have to test their designs on multiple browsers and devices. The problem with this approach is that it’s time-consuming and expensive. to test on various devices. The WebAIM screen reader tests allow users to compare how their website appears rendered on multiple browsers and devices, side-by-side, with a native text browser. So web designers can spend time designing their sites instead of manually testing them across multiple browsers and devices.

4 Major Causes of Web Design Problems on Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is a web browser developed by Microsoft. It is the world’s most widely used web browser, with a market share of over 60%.

The four major causes of web design problems on Internet Explorer are:

  1. The website uses outdated code that doesn’t work correctly with Internet Explorer
  2. The website uses too much JavaScript
  3. The website has an incorrect meta-refresh tag
  4. The website has an incorrect HTTP header

How to Fix Web Design Problems in IE by Using CSS

A common problem web designers face is IE’s inability to display websites correctly. Before starting a new project, there are a few ways to fix this issue.

There are many reasons why IE may not display your website correctly. One of the most common reasons is the lack of support for CSS in IE. This can be fixed by using a CSS fixer like Modernizr or Prefixr.

Another reason could be that you are using an outdated version of IE, and it doesn’t support newer features such as CSS3 selectors or box-shadow properties. This can be fixed by updating your browser with the latest version of Windows or simply by changing browsers altogether.

How to Fix Web Design Problems in IE by Using HTML5 and JavaScript

Developers have used CSS and JavaScript for a long time to make web design more interactive and client-friendly. However, for some time now, IE has been struggling to keep up with the new developments in web design. This article will show you how to fix these problems using HTML5 and JavaScript. Some of these problems are caused by IE’s lack of support for new web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. So, developers need to use older versions of IE to ensure their websites work on all browsers. The Problem: IE8 and IE9 Have a Desktop/Mobile Interface ProblemOne of the most frustrating problems with using older versions of IE is the inconsistent design. For example, if you visit a site in IE8 and then open it up on your iPhone, there is no way to tell whether you are looking at an iOS or a web page. This inconsistency creates confusion for users and makes it difficult for them to understand what type of experience they will have when visiting that site. The Solution: Use Modern HTML5, and CSS3 GoodiesIt is always good practice to use modern HTML5 and CSS3 tools for your website. These tools are designed to provide a consistent experience across devices, making it easier for users to understand what they will see.

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