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4 Tips On How to Create Your Brand Visual Identity

Updated November 21, 2023
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What is Brand Visual Identity?

Create your brand visual identity

When appealing to your target audience, your brand visual identity will rely heavily on sensory marketing.  This is what will help create an emotional connection with a brand. Successful sensory branding will immerse itself into specific emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and memories to build a brand image within the mind of the consumer. 

Our senses are incredibly important when it comes to marketing and advertising. Sensory marketing takes into consideration life experiences that consumers have had while shopping. Emotional impulses will draw them into products and keep them hooked. 

4 Tips On How to Create Your Brand Visual Identity

Brand visual identity

When a startup brand is figuring out how to design their visual identity, they must take a closer look at themselves. How does the brand want to be perceived? What are the brand’s products and how are they going to be marketed to their target audience? Taking these questions into consideration, a brand will need to find the balance between them in order to succeed.

Strategize Your Imagery

Brand visual identity - woman creating infographics

A brand’s image relies heavily on the imagery that is associated with the photographs and images being used across all platforms of their social media. Choosing the right imagery is a defining point because without the appropriate visuals, the audience can misinterpret them or be confused about what is being offered, which will negatively affect the business. Ensuring that consistent videos, images, and more are being used is something that the whole marketing team should be on the same page about.

Brand imagery involves:

  • Photography and photomontages/collages
    • Decide on several styles
    • Budget for photoshoots and ambassadors
    • Create visually appealing stories
  • Infographics
    • Credible sources
    • Easy and accessible information
    • Visually appealing on the eyes
    • Persuasive content
  • Charts and graphs
    • Creating a relationship between data and visuals
    • Showcase trends and statistics
    • Create cohesive fonts and colors with other brand imagery being used
  • Illustrations and graphics
    • Choose style of illustration
    • Budget for illustrators
    • Decide on visual tactics
    • Ensure art style correlates well with photography and other imagery concepts
  • Videos
    • Create market strategies based around products/services and brand loyalty
    • Communicate effectively by using common language and clear video footage
    • Budget for equipment and actors
    • Create storyboards

Choose Color Shades Carefully

Woman pointing at color palette shades

When choosing colors for a brand visual identity, you must look at your product or service to indicate how you want to express it to your audience. Colors create strong emotions within a human’s mind and can subconsciously trigger either a negative or positive view of a company. Ensuring that your color hues give off the appropriate sensations to your target market is vital to advance in the industry. The psychology behind colors can and should affect your marketing strategies as it contributes heavily to all visual aspects of a brand identity.

Some things to consider when thinking about color palette shades:

  • Research color theory
  • Build your brand identity first and orient it with colors that represent it
  • Identify competitors and their color strategies
  • Test colors before making a final decision
  • Keep it consistent across all marketing boards

Create Unique Logos and Brand Symbols

Customizable advertising poster in a park in the city

In tandem with choosing color shades and imagery, a brand should also be looking into creating their logo and other brand symbols. Each of these visual aspects blend together because they should all represent the brand in a cohesive way.

Some tactics to keep in mind when creating your brand visual identity in the form of logos and symbols:

  • Keep it simple and concise
  • Strategize your plan to market to your audience and make it memorable
  • Create a design that will complement your overall brand visual identity
  • Use techniques that will allow your logo and brand symbols to carry over for years to come

Try Out New Typography

Background image of female hands holding prints for typography design scattered on table in workshop, copy space

The font and typography of a brand is equally important to the brand’s visual identity. These two things can impact consumers because it reflects the personality of the company. Typography and fonts give the brand a tone of voice – Resource for typography 

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