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Useful Regex Codes

Updated November 21, 2023
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Useful Regex Codes

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Useful Regex Codes

Design a Website without code

FIND: Search for lines that contain a word: ie(India) — (?-si)^India.+
REPLACE:Add something to end of the line: ie(, India) — $0, India

Find lines that are missing a character: ie (,) — ^[^,]*$

Find Empty Lines:^(?:[\t ]*(?:\r?\n|\r))+

Find lines that contain two of the same character: this example needs the semicolan is replaced:(.*\;){2,} NOTE DOESN’T WORK WITH > OR < SYMBOL

FIND: Remove Everything before a symbol in a line: this example would remove everything before the ; symbol:.+(\;) NOTE DOESN’T WORK WITH > OR < SYMBOL

Find lines that contain a word:.*Rebecca
Add something to the beginning of the lines:Joe>$0

Find non English Character:[^\x00-\x7F]+


Useful Regex Codes

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