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What is a Dynamic Website?

Updated November 20, 2023
~ minute read
Got Skills \ What is a Dynamic Website?

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What is a Dynamic Website? Does anyone know?

So, what are dynamic websites? Does anyone out there know?. The answer is this guy, aye ee. But seriously, I really know what they are, and once you are enlightened like me you will have a website geek-out explosion of epigraphical knowledge, just try and contain your sheer joy and elation for a movement while I break it down.

Let’s cover the finer points of what makes a dynamic website, well, a dynamic website.

The Key Factors that Define a Dynamic Website

Now to outline the key factors of what is a dynamic website and how you can use dynamic websites to build robust website ecosystems.

#1 Dynamic Websites vs Static websites

To understand what a dynamic website you’ll first need to know what a static website is. A static website is, you guessed it static. In other words, they don’t move much, once you put information on the website it doesn’t change. I’ve built plenty of these, and they aren’t exciting or noteworthy.

Dynamic websites on the other hand are robust, they move, their content is alive and it lives in numerous places throughout a website. It also will have numerous types of content throughout, if you’re familiar with WordPress, these content types are also referred to as post types or custom post types.

How Different Content Types also known as Custom Post Types are Used to Make your Website More Dynamic

In website development/ design, we use different types of content to make a website more robust, useful, and ultimately much more dynamic.

A simple example of different post types, again using WordPress as a reference, would be posts and pages, however, these are both technically posts in WordPress.

A more technical example of post types on a website would be videos, business listings, real estate listings, portfolios, and movies — just to name a few.

Business insights featured image \ building dynamic websites since back in the day... It was a wednesday

Now that you have an idea of what dynamic websites are you probably want to know how to make one.

How to build a dynamic website.

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