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Amazing Website Designs Featured Image

Amazing Website Designs

What Makes an Amazing Website Design, Amazing? Creating a website is one thing; but, creating an amazing website design is another beast all on its

Dont be Static - be Dynamic | Dynamic Website That Is!

How to Build a Dynamic Website

How to Build a Dynamic Website So, now you want to build a dynamic website, do ya? Well, you came to the right place. I’m

Got Skills \ What is a Dynamic Website?
Web Design

What is a Dynamic Website?

What is a Dynamic Website? Does anyone know? So, what are dynamic websites? Does anyone out there know?. The answer is this guy, aye ee.

Create a Popup in Elementor - Featured Image

How to Create a Popup in Elementor

In this article, we are going to cover creating a popup in Elementor. Creatingg popups in Elementor is super easy and allows you to connect with customers in different ways.

About Justin Young

Justin is the founder and operator of 702 Pros. He has been at the forefront, managing the design and strategy of various marketing, SAAS, and business management systems.

His vast knowledge of web technologies and marketing techniques has been recognized by businesses and associates. Remarking on his vision and business savvy decisions. Side note, he also has some pretty sweet dance moves.

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