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Beat Your Competition: Target Audience Essentials to Improve Your Outreach

Updated November 22, 2023
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Beat Your Competition - Target Audience Essentials to Improve Your Outreach-psmall

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Trying to find your target audience and learning how to help satisfy their needs can be challenging. How do you find and reach your target audience?

Social Media Channels.

According to recent research, on average, people will spend 144 minutes a day on social media. However, in 2020, we saw a higher number of users during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Since then, social media has become an excellent tool for finding the right target audience and learning how each person thinks and their interests.


Facebook Feed is the perfect destination for every marketer because it gives you valuable information about users’ likes, dislikes, interests, and opinions. Facebook groups are a great way to keep in touch with prospective customers. People will always want to join a group that can offer products and services that they like to use, where they can learn about questions or problems that they are currently facing, and be informed on trending topics. These groups can give you access to valuable information, define your target audience, and give you access to people who want to collaborate and enhance your business.


Pinterest is different from other social media platforms. The main differentiating factor is that Pinterest is a keyword search tool. It’s pretty similar to SEO keyword research, but the main keyword can be closely related to your niche once you start utilizing the platform. In addition, once the platform begins getting to know the user, it automatically will display the keywords that the users are commonly searching for. So, for example, typing the “keyword” can be narrowed down even further to more specific topics.


Instagram offers marketers hashtags. Hashtags are very effective to find the target audience, but most importantly, once you already have content posted in your profile, the audience interested in your business can interact with the content. Therefore, one of your top goals should be adding relevant hashtags to your social media strategy. Your business will then pop up on the Instagram search page just because people who are searching for something related to your product or service will open up a possibility to build a relationship and learn more about the content that they’re looking for. 


There are three easy ways to find your target audience on this platform, and those are:

    • Twitter list
    • Twitter hashtags


A Twitter list is a group of accounts added by you or other members. The content shown only will be seen by the people in the group. Before using hashtags on your content about to be posted, it’s highly recommended to research in Google Trends. It’s easy, free, and convenient, and you want to be aware if those hashtags are trending for your niche. Also, do some additional research on the platform if other people and businesses are sharing content with those hashtags.

How can insights help you to find your target audience?

Each social media platform provides you with different insights, that way, you can better understand trends about the niche you want to target and engage with. Using Instagram will give you access to essential data like age, gender, location, and average time/days when followers interact with your content. Pinterest also gives you deeper insights like popular categories and related interests, age, gender, location, and device the audience is using. Facebook business manager also has the back-of-the-house option, where it has three different categories and subcategories to study the audience. The categories are fans, followers, and people reached, and the subcategories are gender, country, city, and language.

Google Search.

Google search is a handful for the reason of keywords in your niche. For example, if you start writing a blog about the Met Gala 2021 and want to focus on sharing your opinion on who was the best dress based on the theme, color pattern, and most importantly, uniqueness, and see the results that come up. 

One of the top results is videos from celebrities walking down the red carpet. By clicking one of the videos, you will see more than 2 million views in the last month. When you keep scrolling down, you will notice fashion magazines have created videos of the event. The engagement is enormous because they translate the articles into videos to make more dynamic content and reach people on Google Search. 

Diving into the comment area, you will notice the interaction those videos have and provide you with a perspective that the event was trending not only on social media platforms but also on TV for a couple of weeks. Hence, viewers were able to interact with the content. 

By looking on Google Search what the most popular keywords are based on the audience, all that data will give you a clear idea of the target audience behavior, similar websites that people visit for more information about the topic, and how headlines are doing on the web. 
Beat your competition target audience essentials to improve your outreach-small2
This entire process will give you a clear perspective of what kind of content will perform better. 

Look at the competition.

Looking at what your competitors are doing is vital once you are ready to identify your target audience. Start looking at who is ranking at the top on Google search results based on keywords you are currently using or trying to get ranked on the first page. Also, seeing what people have to say about your competitors will help you to identify their target audience.

Always check for the comments section.

Once you have taken a look at the competitor’s website, social media channels, and Google search results, checking the comment section can help you see real-time customer interaction on their feed and understand what people think and feel about them. If your business shares the same demographics, it will be beneficial to take a look at what the company may be doing wrong so you can not make those mistakes. Not only that, but comments will also give you valuable questions that the audience has asked and hasn’t been answered. It will be an opportunity for your business to be one step ahead of the competition and grow your current audience. Also, don’t forget to get to know them more while you are adding them to your list. 

Check your comment section.

If your business has a comment section active, don’t forget about it, that could be your starting point for ideas to keep moving forward your business. In that section, your current audience will leave you positive feedback and negative comments that might hurt your business. For example, your business is out on the market, ready to help people with your service or product, but you have no idea how much impact it is doing on others until you pay attention to the comment section. People will help you identify the current problem that your inside team hasn’t figured out.


Knowing your current audience is essential, but identifying your future customers will significantly impact the current marketing strategy you are running or trying to implement. So in that section, you keep increasing your sales. Once you learn about your target audience, write blogs to keep them interested and keep them informed on your next steps.  This will make them feel part of your brand, not only as customers, and essential to keep moving and innovating the experience you offer.


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