Why is it important to have a dedicated site speed team?

Updated July 13, 2023
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Why is it essential to have a dedicated site speed team? Site speed has become more important than ever. It’s a greater ranking factor by Google and other search engines. It is also important to provide a great user experience (UX), on your site.

Why is it important to have a dedicated team to optimize your website’s loading speeds? Optimizing your website speed is not something you can do unless you are a developer. This is especially true if you have other business tasks.

Why is it essential to have a dedicated site speed team?

Numerous numbers have proved the importance of site speed.

  • One in four visitors will leave a website that takes longer than 4 seconds to load.
  • 46% of users won’t visit a site they had a bad experience with the first time. (Even more in shoppers: 64% won’t buy from a site again after having a bad experience).
  • Customer satisfaction is reduced by just 1 second.

These statistics are crucial because if your website is performing poorly, there is a greater chance that users will leave your site and go to a competitor.

Continue reading to learn more about site speed and how dedicated page speed specialists can help you create a website that engages visitors.

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How to speed test your website.

Are you looking for a way to speed-test your website? We’ve got you covered.

Online tools can be used to scan your website and determine the speed of your site. You should also know that mobile sites will score differently than desktop websites.

Google Search Console and Page Speed Intelligences (PSI ) will often show you how to update your code. These tools will direct you to the Core Web Vitals.

These are Google’s Core Web Vitals:


The Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), metric measures the render time for the most prominent image or text blocks visible in the viewport.

Sites should aim to have the Largest Contentful Painting occur within 2.5 seconds of page loading to provide a great user experience.

A good benchmark is the 75th percentile page load, which can be divided across desktop and mobile devices to ensure that you are hitting this target.


The First Input Delayed (FID), measures the time between when a user interacts with a page (i.e. When a user clicks a link, taps on a button or uses a JavaScript-powered control, it is measured as the time between when they first interact with a page and when the browser can actually begin processing event handlers in response.

Sites should aim to achieve a FID score less than 100 milliseconds in order to provide an excellent user experience.


Cumulative Layout Shift measures the sum of all layout shift scores for any unexpected layout shift during the page’s lifetime. Sites should aim to achieve a CLS score less than 0.01 in order to provide an excellent user experience.


FCP (First Contentful Paint) is the time when the browser renders the first content from the DOM. This provides the first feedback to users that the page has loaded.

The browser’s first rendering of text, images (including background images), or SVG is called the First Contentful Paint stamp.


The DOMContentLoaded event (DCL), fires when the initial HTML file has been loaded completely and parsed. It does not wait for stylesheets, images or subframes to load.

Stylesheets can slow down DOM parsing if loaded as normal. They are loaded in parallel and “stealing” traffic away from the main HTML document.


The Total Blocking Time (TBT), metric, measures the time between First Contentful Paint and Time to Interactive (TTI). This is the time when the main thread was blocked long enough to prevent input responsiveness.


Time to Interactive (TTI), a non-standard web performance progress metric, is the time at which the last Long Task was completed. It’s followed by 5 seconds each of main thread and network inactivity.

Why is it essential for a site speed team to be established?

Site speed test
Site speed test

If you can test your website’s loading speed yourself, why not have a dedicated team of site speed experts?

Optimizing the items identified with tools like PSI might seem difficult if you’re not a developer. An experienced team of site speed experts can help you!

Here are some examples of website issues/recommendations listed by PSI that may be hard to figure out how to fix without developer knowledge or expertise:

  • Lessen JavaScript unused
  • Reduce the impact of code from third parties
  • Do not exceed the DOM size
  • Do not chain critical requests
  • Avoid non-composited animated videos
  • Serve images in next-gen formats
  • Offscreen images can be saved
  • Reduce initial server response time
  • Reduce the amount of CSS that isn’t used
  • Eliminate render-blocking resources
  • A cache policy that is efficient and serves static assets
  • Minimize main-thread work
  • Allow text compression

PSI uses Google cookies to deliver its services, analyze traffic and collect information. They can gather field and lab data from the web to gather the data for each CWV and the recommendations/errors.

PSI only analyzes one page at time (rather that giving an overview of the entire site), so it is important to keep this in mind when you use that tool.

It will display the mobile and desktop scores for your homepage. This is vital information because while your homepage may be fast, the rest of your website could be slow, which can lead to poor user experience.

Websites are becoming more complicated with more moving parts. It is important to have a dedicated team who keeps track of any custom functionality.

These more unusual features are easily broken as we all race to create the best and most unique websites.

When making changes to code to improve speed or user experience, it is important to have someone who knows your website inside out.

702 Pros is your site speed optimization agency

702 Pros offers a dedicated project manager (PM), who will walk you through the process. The PM will ensure that your website is not affected by speed optimizations. Additionally, he can examine how you can improve your site’s UX.

Your PM will review the optimizations made by the team and present the plan for the next quarter’s optimizations.

Website optimization is done once per quarter. We do not recommend doing this every month or every year. This allows us to examine how user data and site performance have been affected.

You can see patterns and trends better, which allows you to invest your time in the most impactful ways to achieve the best results.

Our team has also observed that websites are subject to changes in images, content, and plugin updates at least once a quarter. If they don’t, our team can ensure that those updates comply with best practices or optimize them if necessary.

702 Pros site optimization services include our proprietary software MarketingCloudFX which allows you to track the site speed of your competitors, CWVs over time, and much more!

We also offer synthetic browser testing to double-check for optimization issues and daily automated back-ups to ensure nothing is lost or overwritten during updates.

702 Pros allows you to build a website faster today

It is essential to have a dedicated team that specializes in site speed. This will ensure you stay ahead of your competitors online.

You can rank higher in the search engines results pages (SERPs), which means more visitors will stay longer on your site. This results in increased leads, conversions, revenue, and overall website speed optimization.

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