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Example NAP HTML Markup Code

Here Is An Example NAP HTML Markup Code

Copy this code, input your information (where you see the brackets [ ] ), and place it in the footer on your site.


</p> <div itemscope itemtype=""> <h1><span itemprop="name">[business name]</span></h1> <h3>Description:</h3> <p> <span style="color:#999" itemprop="description">[business description]</span></p> <div itemprop="address" itemscope itemtype=""> <h3>Address:</h3> <p> <span style="color:#999" itemprop="streetAddress">[street address]</span><br /> <span itemprop="addressLocality">[city]</span>,<br /> <span itemprop="postalCode">[zip code]</span><br /> <span itemprop="addressRegion">[state]</span> </div> <p></p> <h3>Phone:</h3> <p> <span itemprop="telephone">[telephone]</span> </div> <p>

Easy Link to Get Reviews for Local Business on Google Places, Google Maps, Google My Business

Easy Link to Get Reviews for Local Business on Google Places, Google Maps, Google My Business

Easy Link to Get Reviews for Local Business on Google Places, Google Maps, Google My Business

Here is the most simple way to get a link that goes straight to your Google Places Review Form. You can take this link and paste it in an email or put it on your website.

Easy Link to Get Reviews for Local Business on Google Places, Google Maps, Google My Business

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What is Business NAP? And How Can It Help My Ranking on Google?

what is business nap

What is Business NAP? And How Can It Help My Ranking on Google?

What is Business NAP Listing, anyway?

Business NAP Information is a rather simple concept but play a major role in your local SEO ranking (ie. Google, Bing, Yahoo). Your N.A.P. information is comprised of your organization’s name, address and phone number. This information is typically listed somewhere on your website (i.e. your contact page) and on other sites such as Yelp or Merchant Circle.

Get FREE NAP HTML Markup Code

NAP Markup Code FREE – Schema – – What is Business NAP? How It Helps Ranking on Google

Local SEO Value of Business NAP

With Google’s more recent emphasis on serving more localized results to searchers, having your N.A.P. information up-to-date and consistent across multiple platforms is key to harnessing its power for local SEO. Each of these N.A.P. listings, whether on your site or another external site, is called a “citation”. Google and other search engines look at these citations to ensure that it’s your legitimate business location and, ultimately, building trust around your business. The more listings you have with the exact same information (i.e. no variations like “St.” versus “Street”), the more trustworthy you’ll appear to Google. Then when someone is performing a geo-targeted search, Google utilizes this information to produce the most relevant, localized results.

Where to Place Business NAP Information

First of all, you’ll want to make sure that Google can “read” your N.A.P. information (a.k.a. it’s crawlable). This means you’ll want to make sure that this information is actual text, not an image with text on it because Google cannot “read” or see images like we do as users.

The placement and look of your N.A.P. information doesn’t have to be fancy. A simple blurb of your name, address and location somewhere on your website (I’d recommend your contact page and/or footer) is sufficient. You can also place this information in your code if you’re using a platform like WordPress, for example, in your footer.php file.

In order to build trust with search engines and boost your local rankings, you’ll also want to get this information on other sites such as online directories and local area sites. The more respected the site (.gov, .edu, etc.), the more SEO juice or points you get with Google. These sites could include the following:

Video Transcription

0:00hey guys just 702 pros dot com here in this video and show you local business
0:12owners how to add any AP your website you may be asking yourself what is in AP
0:18Berlin AP is name address and phone number of your business like Google
0:24being in Yahoo are looking at these in AP’s on every page of your website and
0:32they’re gonna rain those pages for certain terms that correlate with that
0:36type of business I’m on the front page of my website and I’m gonna go down to
0:41the bottom and show you the footer where I have my in AP information ok so this
0:46is what it looks like this is what I’m talking about this little looks like to
0:50a visitor to the website so has the name of the business description right here
0:58address and then phone number at the bottom you’re not just gonna write it in
1:02like this we’re gonna do it with HTML but it’s gonna be schema markup and
1:08schema is like the hub for data structured information that search
1:12engines use to tell like they’re crawling robots what that information is
1:19so I’m gonna get all this boils down to full disclosure to Google what your
1:26business is about because at the end of the day
1:29search engines like Google wanna give their customers the best results
1:34possible and how they do that is a lot of this structured data so I created a a
1:40test page and I took that the NAPF information
1:45the markup HTML for it and I put on this page here and we’re just gonna go over
1:49real quick and don’t worry if you’re just blown away by this nearly ok I be
1:55able to do this I’m gonna have a link to my add to a blog post I wrote for this
1:59and you can just copy this code on your site and you’re good to go
2:05and dyspnea plug in your information course let’s ask over this real quick
2:10this first item is the so-called itemscope so when when a Google bios of
2:17your site when they see this item scope it directly goes to the end dennis is
2:21local business knows that is the daddy you’re talking about the structured data
2:27so then everything inside this item scope is pertaining to a local business
2:33the second item is so item props the properties of the items scope case of
2:42that item property and the property is a name and then the name is 702 pros so
2:50that’s the name of the business and then this next item is a description of the
2:54business and here’s some description information so the next item is item
2:59property is address and then this is a like a sub itemscope because this is the
3:06postal address this is your gonna have properties underneath this postal
3:11address so the postal address and then the first property that is street
3:17address and then you have address locality which is the city and then
3:24postal code and address region which is Nevada and then the last item is
3:30telephone number so we have that in their copy this code put in your
3:33information put in the foot of your website and then it’ll take a few weeks
3:38but Google will start to find this information and you will start to raise
3:43in the local business results
3:47local search results had a blog post ready for you guys if you thought this
3:52video was insightful information out of it if you thought it was helpful for you
3:59please press the white bun leave a comment if you have any questions and if
4:04you want to see some more videos on local marketing local SEO regular SEO
4:11web design and graphic design videos please subscribe to my channel ok thanks
4:17for watching and I’ll see you next time

Why Should I Have a Google Plus Business Page?

Why Should I Have a Google Plus Business Page: How will it help my business and why?

Why Should I Have a Google Plus Business Page??? This question has baffled many a scholar throughout history. Julius Caesar asked himself this very question over 2000 years ago and now we are asking it again.

Disclaimer: Caesar never heard of Google Plus nor did he ask himself that question. In no way is affiliated with Caesar, Spartacus, or Caesar Salad/dressing or otherwise.

What is Google Plus?

Google Plus is a social media site founded by you guessed it – GOOGLE, good job. And what does Google love? You got it again. Themselves! Google also owns YouTube Just an FYI

How will creating a Google Plus Account Help your Business?

All social media sites will help your customer engagement. Although, there are a few benefits I would like to cover specifically for Google Plus.

Google Plus is owned by Google

I’m not an expert in math but you don’t have to be a mathematician to figure out this math equation.

Google x people + (Google +.. I’m kidding.. There is no math problem. Sorry for confusing you.

Google is the most popular website/search engine, by far, and people are still using Google as their main source of finding information (ie. your business). Google owns Google Plus and would like it succeed, thus they give perks for people using it. Google is a friend you want to have in business, so it’s always a good idea to make your friends happy.