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Understanding the Benefits of Long-Form Blog Posts for SEO & How to Write Them Right

Updated July 10, 2023
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Understanding the Benefits of Long-Form Blog Posts for SEO & How to Write Them Right

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What are Long-Form Blog Posts, and Why Should You Care?

Long-form blog posts can be an invaluable tool for content creators, allowing them to share their expertise and reach a larger audience. Not only do long-form blog posts provide more room to explore complex topics, but they can also help you establish yourself as an authority in your field. Writing longer posts is worth considering if you’re looking for ways to make your content stand out.

In this article, we’ll look at what long-form blog posts are and why they can be so beneficial for content creators. We’ll also explore some tips on how to write longer posts that are engaging and informative. By the end of this article, you should better understand why long-form blog posts are important and how to use them effectively in your content strategy.

How Long-Form Content Can Help Grow Your Traffic & Ranking in SEO

SEO is a complex process requiring much research, strategy, and content to increase organic traffic. Long-form content has become increasingly popular in the SEO world as it can help to increase your website’s ranking and generate more traffic.

Content length is vital in SEO because it gives search engines more information to index and ranks your website. Longer blog posts are more likely to rank higher than shorter ones because they provide more detail about the discussed topic. Additionally, long-form content helps build trust with readers, leading to increased engagement, shares, and conversions.

In this article, we’ll discuss why long-form content is essential for SEO and how to use it to increase your website’s traffic and ranking. When optimizing for SEO, we’ll also look at the ideal length for a blog post.

What is a blog post?

A blog post is a piece of content that exists on your website. It may be associated with an individual article or only one part of an article. Blog posts are generally considered longer than 600 words, but there needs to be a formal guideline for how long they should be.

Why is long-form content important for SEO?

The general rule of thumb in SEO is that the more text someone sees on a page, the better their chances are at finding what they’re looking for (this even applies to images). For example, you’re searching for “dog food” on Google. A list of the top ten results will be displayed when someone types this phrase. However, if you were to search for “dog food recipes,” there would be no results list because the page has less text than the first query. What’s more important to search engines is which keywords are used more often on a site — that’s why long-form content can help improve your SEO ranking.

How can long-form content help my website rank?

One misconception about SEO is that all websites must have lots of text to rank well; this couldn’t be further from the truth. Long-form content doesn’t necessarily have to be text, either. Including videos or images in your blog posts and linking them can also help improve your SEO ranking.

What is the ideal length for a blog post when optimizing for SEO? 

Top-performing blog posts tend to be between 500 and 1,000 words.

Tips & Strategies for Writing Long-Form Content That Boosts SEO Rankings


Writing long-form content is one of the most effective ways to boost your SEO rankings. Producing quality, informative, and engaging content requires much time and effort. However, with the right tips and strategies, you can write longer posts faster without compromising quality.

This article will discuss essential tips and strategies for quickly creating high-quality content. We will cover topics such as how to develop ideas quickly, write faster without sacrificing quality, and what tools you can use to speed up the process. Quick Tips and Strategies to Create High-Quality Content QuicklyMany writers need help to create high-quality content quickly. It is a common misconception that quality takes time, but some quick strategies can help you create high-quality content more efficiently in your writing process.

1) Create an outline before you start writing.

Creating an outline helps writers understand what the article or blog post will be about and how it should flow from beginning to end. This strategy is beneficial when creating lengthy posts with multiple ideas and considerations for the topic. When creating outlines, it is essential to note all the information you need for each topic so that you can easily access it when needed.

2) Divide your ideas into smaller, more manageable pieces.

Creating a clear, concise flow of ideas with too many big thoughts and concepts at once can be challenging. Dividing your pictures into smaller parts makes managing an article or blog post easier because readers will better understand what’s being discussed. It is also more efficient for writers to work on these small parts rather than trying to tackle the whole idea in one sitting.

3) Create as many drafts as needed.

It’s common for ideas to change and evolve throughout the writing process. It’s important to remember this when creating drafts so you can restructure your thoughts as needed and maintain a consistent voice. If you’re struggling with finding a voice, try focusing on one topic or area of your idea rather than trying to cover everything at once

4) Ask for feedback from trusted friends and beta readers.

Not everyone has the same understanding of an idea or concept that you do, so it can be helpful to get input from people with different perspectives on what they read. That being said, it is also essential to be prepared for negative feedback. Sometimes those critiques are more important to hear than the positive ones because the positive ones might not be helpfully penetrating the idea or concept. If you ask for feedback, be prepared and skip over things that might make people uncomfortable, such as asking your friend if they think you should approach this topic with a joke or lighthearted tone.

Following these tips and strategies, you can quickly create high-quality content that boosts SEO rankings!

What Are the Best Tools & Resources For Creating Quality Long Form Content?


There are many tools and resources that can be used to create long-form content. However, the best way to determine the best tool for you is to experiment with different tools and see which ones work for your needs. So many tools are available today that allow people to generate content independently. These tools include Grammarly, Ulysses, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs. Microsoft Word and Google Docs are widely used tools for content creation. Grammarly is a free Grammar tool that can be used with Google Docs. Ulysses is a cross-platform ebook app with built-in writing tools, including in-app typing assistance, text expansion, and automatic exporting to EPUB and PDF. Ulysses makes it easy to format your work by adding margins and line breaks on the fly based on the available space you have within your document. The app also includes in-app typography, page layouts for print or web reading, and an export function for EPUB or PDF formats.

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