Keyword Search Volume & How to Improve Your Rankings

Updated January 5, 2023
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Keyword Search Volume & How to Improve Your Rankings

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What is Keyword Search Volume SEO?

Keyword research is the most important part of any SEO campaign. Keyword research helps you to find out which keywords are being used the most in your industry. This will help you decide which keywords to target and optimize your content around. Keyword Search Volume tells you how many searches are done on the term in a given month. It’s important for you to know how many searches are done on terms you want to use because the number of searches can be used to estimate your page’s performance. That way you can target the most effective keywords to generate traffic.

How to Find the Best Keywords for Your Content Marketing Strategy

In order to create a high-performing content marketing campaign, you need to know your audience. What do they like? What do they want? To answer these questions, it’s essential to analyze their search intent and behavior. 

Search Intent

A search intent is an answer to a specific question people may have. It can typically be seen in search queries like “how do I cook”, “how to create a presentation” or “what are my rights”. A lot of times, people will want general questions answered but just don’t know how to phrase them. For example, if you wanted information on what type of foods you should eat for breakfast before going for a run, your query would be something like “how to eat healthy for a run” or “what should I eat before a run”. If you wanted information on an exercise routine, your query would be something like “exercises at home” or “exercises with weights”.

Search Behavior

Search behavior is how people behave when they start looking for an answer. For example, if someone types in “how to create a presentation” they may use that search term many times over the course of their research process. They might use it when they first start looking for information and then again when they find what it is about. They might also use it once more after finding the exact topic, or many times after that last search. As a result, their search behavior would be how many times they searched in total.

Useful Information

Useful information is any piece of content that has been linked to a page on the site so it can be found easily later on when someone wants to see it again or reference something from it. For example, a document, an article, a summary of an article, or a video could be considered useful information. 

Valuable Tools You Can Use To Find The Best Keywords For Your Content Marketing Strategy

SEMRush, Keyword Finder, and Google Keyword Planner are all tools for keyword research. SEMRush is the most expensive of the three and offers more features than the other two. However, KWFinder is free and has a larger database of keywords. Each tool has its own benefits depending on your needs and budget. The Trust Flow metric, developed by Moz, measures the strength of a link based on the number of incoming links from trusted websites. This is a Forbes-approved SEO tool that will show you how many pages are linking to your site and how powerful those backlinks are. Google Analytics is another free and powerful tool for your business needs. It allows you to track website visitors and traffic sources, which is important for any kind of business in its early stages. It also allows you to run reports on your site traffic, content performance, and market changes. The data is used to help you make informed decisions about your website.

What are Google Ads and How do They Affect SEO?

Google AdWords is a form of search engine advertising where advertisers pay Google to display brief advertisements, called “ads,” on the Google search results page and on certain other pages of the Google content network. The text ads appear in results for searches on various terms, such as “car” or “credit card.” The ads vary greatly in size, shape, and color. These are the ad formats available: Merchant Center Ads, Keyword Shopping Ads, Relevance Ads, and Website Shopping Advertisements. Search engine advertising, also known as SEO advertising or pay-per-click advertising, is paid performance-based online advertising wherein advertisers pay online search engines such as Google and Yahoo! to increase traffic to their websites through searches made on the search engines.

Why Should You Care About Keyword Search Volume SEO?

You should care about keyword search volume SEO because it will help you rank higher in the search engine and it can also increase your conversion rates. Keyword Search Volume is worth investing time into so you don’t target words that won’t yield results. Keyword search volume is also important to use when you are creating a landing page or webpage that has multiple keywords in it because they will help your ranking.

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