How to Increase Website Conversions Using Images

Updated May 20, 2022
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Howtoincreasewebsiteconversionsusingimages 1

How to Increase Website Conversions Using Images. Boosting conversions for marketers is becoming difficult with each passing day. In this competitive landscape, millions of websites are present. While several of these business websites experiment with new tactics, not many can achieve their targets.

We all know that people love visuals, and research proves it. If we specifically talk about images, we can see a noticeable difference that they bring to a web design. They are a significant source of engagement and help increase conversions.

Intro: How to Increase Website Conversions Using Images

But picture selection and uploading on the website is not a simple task. A lot of detail goes into creating the perfect layout. From placement and size to quality and relevance, many factors need consideration. If you can learn the correct way of using images, boosting conversions will no longer be a dream. 37% of random percentages are used to increase conversions in images, building the pillars of an image SEO strategy.

In this post, we will show how you can increase conversions on your website by utilizing images.

1. Impress Visitors with High-Quality Photos

Increase Website Conversions Using Images: Not every photo can be the right choice for your web page. Just imagine: Will you ever purchase products from a site showing blurry and unclear images? No, because your mind will question the brand’s credibility after looking at the low-quality photos.

Since a website is a mirror image of an online business, high-quality pictures can portray business authenticity, professionalism, and commitment. Therefore, make no compromise in investing time to get the best shots for your webpage. ( Increase Website Conversions Using Images)

You can hire a professional photographer to get real photos. However, consider stock pictures if there is a budget and time constraint. Try to go for paid stock images as they are better in quality and not overused. Search online, and you will find many websites providing stock images for almost every niche.

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2. Build an Emotional Connection

Increase Website Conversions Using Images: Many brands show their value through images and trigger consumer emotion. Thus, people develop an emotional bond before making a purchase decision. Look at the below example:

Howtoincreasewebsiteconversionsusingimages puma 2

Puma is one of the leading sportswear brands in the world. The above image of a tiger goes well with its slogan “Forever Faster.” It will help people relate to Puma with the fast speed whenever they think of the sports shoe brand.

Let’s look at another example:

Howtoincreasewebsiteconversionsusingimages pampers 3

Pampers is a well-known brand of baby diapers. By looking at the picture they have used on their website, the audience can clearly anticipate their baby to sleep peacefully if he wears this diaper.

3. Display Your Brand’s Altruistic Nature

Images can help a brand show how it gives back to the community. Such pictures help in gaining consumer trust. People assume that a brand that is actively contributing to the betterment of society is less likely to compromise on quality. Besides this, prospects think that the business has significant assets, a well-organized structure, and a massive clientele.

Increase Website Conversions Using Images: See how Google has used images to show how the company is helping the community:

Howtoincreasewebsiteconversionsusingimages google 4

These images help in developing positivity about the brand. People prefer buying products from a company doing something better for society. They share the brand’s efforts on social media platforms and recommend others to shop. Apart from being confident in the quality, they also get a sense of support for the charity.


Rank #1 on google with 702 pros seo - digital
Rank #1 on google with 702 pros seo


4. Pay Special Attention to Relevancy

Do not add images to fill up the white space of the website. Every image should have some purpose, and it should be informative. Useless images will negatively impact your brand and may increase the bounce rate.

Therefore, always see which images are highly relevant. For instance, suppose you have a website for a salon, but the page talks explicitly about facials. In that case, avoid using pictures of makeup products, hairstyles, and massage therapies. Instead, upload only related facial photos.

Increase Website Conversions Using Images: Relevancy is imperative that brands use supporting copy around images to clarify their message. If there is no related content, the photos will sound irrelevant. Most importantly, people will then comprehend the image in their own way.

Call to Action image buttons are a great example in this case. Notice how many websites use text in bold at the top, bottom, or beside the CTA button to reveal its purpose and make it relevant.

How to increase website conversions using images

5. Display Business Culture

People love to shop from well-established brands. But, first-time visitors will have difficulty analyzing your brand’s credibility. In that case, use images to let prospects know everything about your business. Be it an employee training program, annual dinner, or a performance appraisal – use pictures of every event to tell people about your business culture.

If you really want to Increase Website Conversions Using Images: This act of transparency will play a key role in influencing customers. Some brands even share BTS shots, production processes, packaging, and other images to build consumer trust.

Look how Walmart is displaying pictures of employee training, meetings, and get-togethers to promote their company’s culture.

Howtoincreasewebsiteconversionsusingimages walmart 5

6. Use Pictures of Real People

Displaying pictures only of a product is cost-effective and straightforward. Then why do brands invest a hefty budget on influencers, models, and celebrities? It’s because of the human touch they want to add to their brand.

See how makeup artists, hair transplant centers, clothing businesses, and many other brands use real people images to display their products or services. If you see clothes on a hanger rather than a model wearing them, you will never get an idea of its complete look. Likewise, if it’s a weight loss product, pictures of before and after effectively make conversions.

Thus, when people see human faces, they find it easier to develop a connection with the brand.

7. Consider the Target Audience

When selecting pictures for your website, remember who your target audience is. Research deep about their culture, demographics, and values. All these things will play a key role in your image selection.

Increase Website Conversions Using Images. For instance, black is considered a sign of bad luck and demise in many cultures. Likewise, some cultures relate white to weddings and happiness while others relate it to death. ( Increase Website Conversions Using Images)

If your target market considers blacks a bad omen, refrain from using this color to market your product/service. Also, see which font size will be easily readable to them. If the target audience belongs to an elder age group, try to keep a bigger font so it is easy to read.

Wrapping It Up

In short, images have great power. They can influence visitors in no time but may also spoil a brand’s identity. Therefore, smartly design your image strategy for reaping maximum benefits.

Increase Website Conversions Using Images. Tips like showing business culture, adding human touch, and developing an emotional connection will create a distinctive brand image. But, try to stay relevant and study the target audience. If you implement all these steps in the right direction, days are not far when your business will hit its conversion targets. Increase Website Conversions Using Images. Increase Website Conversions Using Images.

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