How SEO and Social Media are Complementary

Updated July 14, 2023
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The average person spends an average of 1 hour and 45 minutes on social media each day. In the world of search engine optimization, we know that links from social media sites can have a huge impact on a site’s ranking. SEO, social media, content marketing, and content strategy have become significantly more important than ever before. The need for effective content marketing strategies can’t be understated. While only a handful of your competitors will be relying on traditional methods to spread their message, like a radio spot or newspaper ad, you can use these same tactics to reach your consumers through new channels such as email marketing and advertising on social media. Simply put, the more you rely on old-school outbound marketing to reach the masses, the less impact you will have in achieving your overall business goals.

How SEO and Social Media are Interlinked as a Marketing Strategy

Social media and seo
Social media and seo

Search engines have always been a powerful way for businesses to find customers. The algorithms for these search engines are always changing and businesses will need to keep up with the changes in order to optimize their websites. Optimization efforts such as SEO can help with organic rankings, but there are also organic tactics such as blogging or podcasting that can help raise awareness of your site. Promoting your site through social media is also a good way to increase organic traffic. Social media is free, but you will have to work hard at it in order to grow your audience and build up a following. Promote your posts on other sites and make sure that you use the right hashtags to make them more visible. If you are looking for ways to promote yourself or your business online, you should consider having an online presence as well as an offline presence. 


In today’s social media-centric world, it is critical to understand how to harness the power of networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. By using these social media tactics in your SEO strategy today, you can be sure that your business will be found on all the major networks where people are spending their time. There are three strategies that you should consider when utilizing social media: content strategy, outreach efforts, and branding activities. You should consider all three of these tactics in order to grow and sustain your brand on Social Media. The three strategies are dependent on different marketing goals. In the case of branding, you should consider all three tactics to grow your brand. You can use content strategy to promote your brand through social media. This strategy is important because it’ll help you increase organic reach on social media platforms and will help you rank better in search engines as well. For example, if you want to reach your target demographic of 18-24 year olds on Facebook, then the best way to do so is by creating a Facebook Page that targets that age group. To succeed with this strategy, you need a topic that relates to your audience and then create engaging content around that topic. You should also consider your type of content and how it relates to the medium that you are sharing it on. For example, if you are sharing a blog post on LinkedIn, it would be helpful to share some of your older blog posts on Twitter to generate more engagement and traffic toward your website. Outreach efforts allow you to reach out to influencers and potential partners to generate brand awareness or partnerships for your business. There are many different outreach methods including articles, online reviews, e-mails, phone calls, and more. People have become comfortable sharing their opinions through social media, and they may mention your business or products in their posts. If you find that people are talking about you on social media, then reach out to them through a message like “Hey there! I love what you’re saying about our company. Could I share my contact information with you?” This will provide another opportunity for you to connect and talk more about what your company does. This is a form of engagement that could help you get ahead of the competition and close more deals. These tools can also be used for storytelling. One example of storytelling is if you have a product that has a story behind it. If so, include the story in your listing and this may help educate people on what your company is all about, how it came to be, and why they should buy from you. For instance, the story behind the company is that they use recycled materials and their unique designs encourage people to be more mindful of their surroundings. This can help people understand what drives you and gives them insights on why they should buy from you and helps to create brand loyalty. Once you understand how to utilize social media, it can be the most powerful tool for business profitability and sustainability.

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