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How Building Topical Authority Helps Boost Your Google SEO Rankings

Updated July 14, 2023
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Many websites on the internet have similar ideas. Google and other search engines tend to favor one website’s pages over another regarding ranking. These rankings determine a website’s content authority. The higher you are perceived as being, the higher your organic search rank.

Google defines authority as assessing your website’s credibility and trustworthiness in a specific niche, industry, product, or service. Google considers your topical authority a way to determine if you are an authoritative resource. This is based on the quality of your content and how credible your website is for industry-related topics.

The blog posts on the websites of industry experts and beginners in the same industry might be similar. The industry expert may have more detailed content than the beginner and is more likely to rank higher for a keyword related to their industry.

An effective digital content strategy will require the building of topical authority. This article will provide information for search engine optimization (SEO), writers about how to build topical and content authority, and the best SEO content practices associated with them. It also includes tips on creating strategic content using SEO services that can increase your online authority.

Topical Authority: Why it Matters for Your Digital Content Strategy

Topical authority measures how your website’s content compares to similar websites in your field. Let’s say two websites have the same page on a keyword related to your industry. Search engines like Google can use this information to determine which site is more trustworthy for discussing the topic. This can help you rank higher in search results.

It is important to remember that topical authority doesn’t mean the same thing as domain authority. This is another factor that can impact ranking. The latter is built using quality content, on-page SEO, and creating relevant and informative content based on content marketing best practices. Domain authority, however, is focused on technical aspects of SEO that are not within the purview of SEO content creators, such as Web design or Web Development.

All of these factors are considered by Google when it generates search results and determines which websites rank highest. Websites with higher topical authority will have greater content authority in their niche. Google will consider your website a trusted resource and rank it higher than less authoritative sources.

Your SEO content strategy doesn’t have to be limited to topical authority. Your website can become an authoritative resource on a topic or niche, which can help you establish your credibility with users.

Potential customers will be more inclined to patronize businesses with a lot of information about their products and services than those without.

How Does Topical Authority Work?

Topical authority
Topical authority

While topical authority is gaining popularity in digital marketing recently, its impact on search engine results dates back to 2013, when Google’s Hummingbird algorithm was introduced.

Google’s search algorithms used to rely on keywords frequency and context in the past. It didn’t consider user intent, quality of content, or whether the content contained the information users searched for. The typical SEO content strategy focuses less on creating content users want and more on optimizing content for algorithms.

Building authority in a niche is now a key component of digital content strategies. Websites that have established an organic online presence for a particular keyword or topic were considered content authorities.

These factors were:

  1.  Keyword Optimization
  2. Latent semantic index(ing), (LSI).
  3. Readability
  4. Additional on-page SEO factors

Websites with original content optimized for search context soared in rankings. This allowed users to access relevant, user-friendly content, which resulted in a shift in SEO content creators who now focus on creating user-based content.

Benefits Of Boosting Your Topical Authority

Two ways to look at the benefits you get from having complete and topical authority on your website are possible.
It’s part of content marketing best practices and how it can impact how users view your website. It’s also how search engines view you as an authoritative figure.

Think back to the last time you searched for a fact on Google. Many people know that not all internet information can be trusted. Although you might see a claim online, it’s unlikely that you will believe it unless you verify the information with credible sources. Users searching for information on businesses similar to yours should do the same. You’re building credibility and authority by creating original, relevant, and informative content.

SEO can help your website if you emphasize your authority through your strategy. The authority of search engine algorithms can now be based on keywords and LSI. Intentionally or not, keywords and other relevant words can be included in your content if you create high-quality content.

Best Practices To Boost Your Content Authority

The same as creating organic results, topical authority doesn’t happen overnight. An SEO content strategist or consultant can help you build authority and credibility by helping you create a content strategy. This can be done in several ways:

A Content Strategy for SEO that is Effective

A content strategy that utilizes content marketing best practices will help you increase your topical authority and establish your website as an authoritative resource on the topic. Your SEO content strategist will review your website and content to determine the keywords and topics you wish to rank for.

Your content should:

Consistent: Writing consistent content means posting regular content on the topic you are trying to establish your website’s authority. Even though evergreen content is not the only thing you should focus on, content that offers up-to-date information can boost your website’s popularity without making significant changes.

Intentional: Other than content quality and incorporating keywords/LSI organically to increase SEO, your intent should be user-oriented. If the content you create isn’t relevant to the context or the purpose of users searching for them, it won’t be helpful.

* Informative From a user’s perspective, creating informative content makes your website an authority figure. It is what makes users want to visit your website again and again. Comprehensive content is more SEO-friendly because it contains organic keywords and other topics that algorithms can pick to increase your authority.

Create content for niche industries

One of the best content marketing practices is to use the most relevant topic groups for your website. Although your industry might have many topics to discuss, it doesn’t make sense to use all of them. If your content is focused on specific topics, your strategy will have a greater chance of ranking higher in search engines.

Cluster content and pillar pages are excellent strategies. One page which discusses a broad industry topic and includes a variety of keywords that focus on different aspects of the topic is called pillar content. Cluster content provides additional information about the various clusters in your pillar content.

Your pillar content and your cluster content are not meant to compete. Instead, your cluster content should be less competitive and supplement your pillar content. This creates more quality content opportunities to establish your topical authority.

For your users, write intentionally.

Write intentionally
Write intentionally

Ranking on search engines is not about quantity but quality.

SEO content marketing best practices include not just writing to add content to your site but also writing content relevant to the user’s intent. Algorithms can better understand the intent and context of a search. Therefore, adding keywords just for their sake is not enough to increase page authority.

Understanding the context of the keywords, you add to your pages is essential. Some keywords are simple: those asked, like “What is the best gaming laptop in 2022?” are informational. This tells you that users are looking for content to help them begin their buyer’s journey.

Then you have keywords such as “HP gaming laptop” or “HP gaming laptop in Las Vegas, Nevada.” Although they all refer to gaming laptops, the intent of these keywords is quite different. Users who have chosen “Brand x gaming notebook” can now dive deeper into the buyer’s journey and learn more about particular products’ features. Users looking for places in their local area to buy the product “brand x model” in Las Vegas, Nevada, is next.

These users are at different stages in their buying journeys, so you can’t offer them all the same content. Do they need information about the product, how it differs from other products, or where they can buy it? Original content is essential for all three.

Measuring Your Results

It’s impossible to determine the search engine visibility of your website or measure its topical and domain authority. You can, however, infer the authority of your content based on how much traffic you get from keywords that rank high for your content.

You can search any SEO tool to find the keywords that you want your content to rank for. You can assess your page authority by looking into the traffic share for your ranking keywords.

You should get a substantial share of traffic from high-traffic keywords in the best possible scenario. A high share of keywords may mean that you have high topical authority. If the volume isn’t high enough, you may not see the results or the numbers that drive traffic your way.

Establish Your Topical Authority With 702 Pros

No matter how well-informed you may be about your industry, getting to top search results pages requires a strategic content plan based on best SEO practices. Our SEO content writing services at 702 Pros ensure that you have relevant content optimized for users’ queries.

Relevant content is what we create that shines in the spotlight. Our SEO content strategists and SEO consultants conduct extensive keyword research to determine the best keywords and niches in which your industry should be highlighted. Our SEO writers create well-researched content to help users find your products and services.

SEO content strategies that aim to establish organic authority in search engines will need to have topical authority. Content marketing should focus on building your authority to achieve long-term organic growth in search engine results. 702 Pros can help you turn your website into an authority figure in your industry by providing top-quality content.

Contact our SEO consultants to learn more about 702 Pros’ SEO Content Service and how it can improve your domain authority, online presence, and website traffic. We are happy to discuss the needs of your website and offer suggestions. Get the SEO content writing services needed to increase your website’s authority.


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