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702 Pros Four Expert Tips to Increase Marketing Budget

Updated July 20, 2023
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702 Pros Four Expert Tips to Increase Marketing Budget

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Four Expert Tips to Increase Marketing Budget: Your business’ success depends on how well you promote it. Marketing is the best way to spread the word about your product and service.

It is important to invest in a strategy that works. It can sometimes be challenging to determine how much you should have and how to increase your marketing budget to help boost your efforts.

This post will discuss the optimal promotional spending levels and how to increase your budget when needed.

Four Expert Tips to Increase Marketing Budget: How can I calculate my marketing budget?

You need to determine where your allotment should be to assess if it is sufficient to make your marketing budget effectively. Determine your marketing budget by following three main guidelines: industry, the age of your business, and the level of professional assistance you require to implement your plans.

Marketing budgets according to industry.

Marketing budgets are similar to profit margins. While a packaged goods retailer might have a budget of 25%, transportation companies may invest closer to 8%.

As a guide, the industry averages indicate what allocation you can expect.

Marketing budgets for start-ups

Budgeting for prelaunch can be tricky. Businesses with a proven track record can look at their sales and follow accepted standards. A start-up, however, doesn’t have this luxury. This scenario will require you to rely on research and accurate projections.

Imagine that you are opening an eCommerce shop selling gourmet coffees. To calculate the minimum start spend, you must determine how much a store like yours makes each year.

Other marketing expenses, such as website development that are more well-known companies, will also need to be considered. Investing in branding, such as designing a logo is also essential. You may need to spend more than the industry average to have enough money for promotional activities.

Marketing budgets for established companies

Companies that have been in business for at least one year have their revenue numbers, not projections. As they compete for market share, establish themselves in their industry, and invest more, those who have been in business for less than five years might be able to afford more.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) recommends that businesses with annual revenue below $5 million have a marketing budget of between 7% and 8% of their sales.

Four expert tips to increase your marketing budget

Marketing budget
Marketing budget

You now know how much you can spend. The next question you might ask is, “How do you request an increase in your marketing budget?”

Here are four ways to increase your marketing budget.

  1. Establish SMART goals for revenue
  2. Remedy for pain points
  3. Give a solid reason
  4. Display existing data

1. Set SMART goals for revenue

It’s not enough to have a plan. It would help if you had revenue-based goals that would quantify your actions. An eCommerce store might set goals to increase sales and average order value.

The SMART acronym is used here.


SMART stands as:

  • Specific: Be clear about your goals. As much detail as you can.
  • Measurable: Learn the differences between valuable analytics and vanity measures. Select the best key performance indicators to track results.
  • Realizable: Set realistic, achievable goals to keep everyone accountable and engaged.
  • Relevant Link your goals to the relevant business objectives that your company wants to achieve.
  • Timely Set a time limit for measuring and achieving your goals.

2. Attract pain points

It is important to understand what makes your target audience tick. They are the people who control your revenue in this situation. They have needs and wants, just like any other audience.

Knowing their pain points will help you strengthen your pitch. It is possible to anticipate their objections and then have the data to overcome them.

3. A solid “Why” is essential

You need to understand why you are making your pitch. You must know the purpose of your pitch and be able to justify it. This means that you can accurately project the effect of an increase in budget.

Marketers are responsible for staying on top of the trends to inform their “Why”.

Social media marketing sets new standards for companies that raise the bar. Search engine operations changes affect content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

With accurate predictions and relevant data, it is easier to persuade purse-holders that these shifts are worth the larger investment.

4. Present existing data

If your current budget has been maximized, you can calculate your marketing efforts’ return on investment (ROI).

To show that your actions generate revenue, link your audience with channels. This will encourage more money approval.

A partner who helps you achieve better results will make your case stronger.

Our digital marketing campaigns impact the metrics that increase your bottom line

702 Pros optimizes digital marketing budget

Our team includes professional digital marketers, SEO experts, content strategists, and professionals with decades of experience. We can help you create a customized marketing plan that will reach your revenue goals and allow you to secure more budget for future campaigns.

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