Content Clusters, Free SEO Breakdown

Updated November 15, 2021

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Content Clusters

Content clusters, The Free SEO Strategy

It is done so by organizing content topics into pillar and cluster pages. Using different levels of pages to organize your content based on the relevancy of the given topic. Content clustering allows you to be able to adapt to the changing rules of Google. It will be more structured and rewarding than just relying on focus keywords. If done correctly and optimally the rewards of an orderly set of web pages will outweigh any other SEO strategy.

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Breaking Down Content Clustering

Search engines are able to prioritize pages over others because of the structure that comes with content clusters. This means when more complex queries come into play, search engines are able to recognize the links between these queries. The structure of a content cluster is simple. It’s made up of 3 main elements; pillar content, cluster content, and hyperlinks. Pillar content is the main subject matter of a particular topic. It is the bread and butter of your content and holds absolute importance.

Next, would be the cluster content. The cluster content is the supporting content that is specifically broken down to fit a niche sub-section that is directly related to your pillar content. The best way to understand or visualize this would be to think of how categories and sub-categories work. A simple example of this would be going to a restaurant and noticing they have a menu for just chicken.

In this case the chicken would be considered the pillar content, then the items on this specific menu such as chicken nuggets would be considered the cluster content. The hyperlinks is what would be connecting the two elements together, in most cases it’s about how they’re referencing each other. If that wasn’t clear enough, take a look at this example:
Cluster content and Pillar content example

Why is Content Clustering Important?

Content Clustering is extremely important because of the structure and organization it brings to your website. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, the true importance of content clusters is the fact that it is able to link together an amalgamation of pointless content into a structure that will be given importance. This amalgamation of content is then broken down and given purpose. It’s hyperlinks are now associated with something bigger than itself. The content that was just aimlessly on the web is now providing contextual support for other pages that are relevant to it within a group. This creates an internal frameworks of link that helps every one who navigates to your website. Almost like a trail where each stop is another piece of content in that internal framework.

Furthermore, as we get onto the subject of internal framework of links, this just means that our content is way more organized and is now optimally set since our pillar content would be focused around certain keywords. Now your original pillar contents focus keyword has an entire linking framework that will be supporting that same keyword. This could be utilized for broader subjects and be able to hit every point around that broad subject.

Here is more information about Pillar Content

Content Cluster and SEO?

You may have not thought about how integral content clusters are for search engine optimization (SEO). To put it in perspective, imagine going to a library in search of a book about the 1900’s and then checking the history section and finding an entire sub-section shelf dedicated to every year between 1900-2000 with each of those years also having their own individual break downs for every country. It’s the structure of organized data that plays a big role when it comes to search engine optimization.

In this case someone could look up a keyword and it just so happens the content cluster that’s based around your pillar content is focused on that particular keyword. That particular search engine result will then be able to filter through your content cluster and be able to present that onto their search results. An entire data base of information based on that keyword which is all on your website is now presented.

This method alone can exponentially increase traffic to levels that would cause your website to become a staple for your focused keyword. This is why content clustering is a vital and integral part of SEO and if utilized correctly could make the difference between an active website and a dead one. Another real good example of this would be “Reddit”. Reddit has thousands of sub sections of pretty much any topic you can think of. Each one of those sub sections have their own dedicated posts with active comments. The entirety of reddit is based around content clusters and pillar pages. Other examples of this would also be Yahoo, Quora, and 702 Pros.

Reddit Site Map - Pillar Pages

Utilizing Content Clusters

Content clustering strategies all start with one essential element, and that is the pillar page. We already know that the pillar page is the center of gravity and what your content will be based off. If you’re having a hard time trying to figure out what your pillar topic is going to be, you can usually take a look at your focus keywords and have a good understanding of what your pillar page will be about. You will need to utilize terms that are often more searched than others and can be correlated to your content. Then eventually once this pillar has been figured out you will then proceed to base your content around focus keywords.

Once you have based content around your pillar pages focus keywords, you have then also created cluster content around it. As mentioned before, you have now given your pillar page supporting content that now directly correlates with it. Each post will then be referencing around your pillar page, a really good example of this would be having your pillar page about culinary science. Each post you create can be a recipe, and each recipe could be related to cooking, baking, barbecuing, or prepping. These can all be related to culinary science. The more you’re able to break something down, the more you’re able to get closer to focus keywords.

Content Clustering SEO

This is the best way of utilizing this strategy, but making sure every aspect of SEO is key. You can’t build up a successful content clustering strategy if your foundation is not built properly. Reviewing and understanding the basics of SEO is something that must be mastered and refined. What would be the use of learning a strategy that you wont be able to use any time you want? It takes time and will not work if everything else isn’t structured properly. This is why SEO takes time, but, if utilized correctly all your hard work and efforts will pay off.

If you need to learn more about SEO or just want to learn more in general, check out this post by Justin. If you like my content and wanted to read more, check out our blog page..

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