Choose the Right Keywords with These Research Tools

Updated July 13, 2023
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Choose the Right Keywords with These Research Tools

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Rank #1 on google with 702 pros seo

Why Optimizing Your Content with the Right Keywords is so Important

Choosing the right keywords and keyword phrases can be tricky. But with the right information, you’ll know just how to choose them! Keywords are essential to getting your website to the top of the search engine results page. Without keyword research and SEO, your website will not be able to compete. And your target audience will not be able to find you. Keyword research is a step-by-step process that involves finding relevant keyword phrases on your website and analyzing how users are searching for those phrases. Once you’ve found the keywords, you can use them to optimize content, headlines, and titles for specific searches. There are three important things to remember when conducting keyword research: Choose keywords that you feel represent your website. Keywords should be relevant to your company or product, and search terms based on keyword phrases that are most likely to generate in-depth, quality searches. Keyword research is not a finite process; gathering the information needed can be tricky. Keep collecting new data until you feel confident about your choices for the keywords you want to use in content and titles.

1. Google AdWords Keyword Tool – Leverage this Free tool from Google to Search for New Keywords in Your Niche

Google Adwords is a platform that enables small businesses to purchase ad space on google search pages. Businesses can advertise themselves by bidding on keywords that people are searching for. Adwords is the largest internet marketing platform in the world, and it allows businesses to maximize their exposure, achieve significant cost savings, and measure ROI (return on investment). Google AdWords offers a Keyword Tool where advertisers can enter their keyword and find out how many people are searching for their product, along with the average cost of bidding on that keyword. The Keyword Tool also provides estimated keyword competition and suggested bid. It might be a more cost-effective option to just search for the product on Google and see what the average cost of bidding is on that keyword as well. If you have a product that is highly sought-after, like sneakers, it’s likely that your campaign may cost more per click. You would want to adjust your keyword bid accordingly. 

2. Wordtracker 


Wordtracker is the leading online tool that combines keyword and competitor research. They provide an extensive set of tools and reports to help you gain a competitive edge. Wordtracker features the largest database of search terms and the largest repository of keyword and competitive intelligence information. This is a tool where businesses are able to see what people are saying about them in google searches, which can tell them if consumers are talking positively or negatively about them. Then I know if I should work on improving that aspect of my marketing strategy or not. This is a great tool for free marketers because it makes us aware of our competition as well as what our potential customers are saying.

3. KWFinder is a keyword research tool that can be used to find relevant keywords for your business. The search engine crawls the web and finds the most popular search terms for any given topic, word, or question. It then generates a list of related keywords and their popularity in comparison to one another, as well as keywords with high commercial intent. also offers ideas for keywords to focus on to achieve the best return on your investment. This tool has the ability to take a campaign from brainstorming to implementation in just minutes. 

The tool offers two ways to run a keyword research campaign.

1) Choose the topic of your keyword research, and this tool will automatically show you relevant keywords in one or two seconds. You can run an entire search without having to fill out any form if you don’t need specific information about your search terms, such as ‘SEO keywords’ or ‘keyword ideas for startups.’

2) If you are a user looking for keyword ideas, then this tool gives you access to the top search terms related to your chosen topic within seconds. The keyword tool allows users to narrow down the list of keywords that have high commercial intent by adding in different filters, such as ‘high commercial intent,’ ‘brand names,’ and more.

4. SEMrush


If you are looking for a reliable and accurate way to quickly identify the keywords that your competition is ranking for, then you will love Semrush. This comprehensive and powerful keyword research tool can help you compare your site with your competitors, find which keywords they are ranking for and how much traffic they’re getting from them. It also lets you see the cost-per-click and search volume of each keyword so you can estimate how much you could potentially be earning from AdWords. The most accurate keyword research tool is SEMrush. It gives not only volume data for keywords but insight into the true competition for each keyword. Some tools were not designed with SEO in mind so they have no insight into the difficulty of ranking in Google search results, or lack some other important feature that would help people find their competitors as well as track changes over time to do proper keyword research in a timely manner. 

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