Why Business Collaboration is SO Important for Your Startup or Existing Business

by Justin Young •
Updated January 17, 2020

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Learn Why Business Collaboration is SO Important for Your Startup or Existing Business, and How you can start


It’s time to #AccepttheChallenge of business and step into the digital era, where customers expect you to be a PRO at what you do and that sometimes means going out of your comfort zone, taking on new challenges and facing hardships straight-on. That when it’s important to collaborate with other businesses or people to facilitate your customer’s needs instead of just saying, “well we don’t do that. sorry”.

In order to build long-lasting relationships, you need to be able to grow by reaching out to businesses in lateral fields as you, who offer similar but not the exact same products or services in-order to #IncreaseBrandReach while helping a hard-earned customer in the process.

In this video, I cover the importance of collaboration and how to go about finding people to collaborate with. If you want me to add anything to this video please let me know in the comments below or email me (email in video 😉 – so you have to watch through.)

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About Justin:

My name is Justin Young, I’m the founder and CEO of 702 Pros LLC, a digital marketing, branding, website design, app development, and search engine optimization firm owned and operated in Las Vegas, NV.

I’m also a dedicated father of three and a US Air Force veteran. I love helping people follow their dreams, start new businesses, grow their brand from #StartuptoSuccess , challenging common thought and changing the name of business in the digital age while nurturing my connections, family, and clients.

Join me as I change the game! and show you my best tips, tricks, and strategies in digital marketing and brand development.

Thanks for listening and good luck on your entrepreneurial journey!

Justin Young

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