What is Chatbot Marketing and How to Use it to Improve Your Business?

Updated June 30, 2023
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Investing in stellar customer service can help your business grow. Happy customers help companies increase revenue and attract new clients. So, how can you impress your customers?

This is where chatbots come into play. Chatbots offer a safe, real-time connection with your customers. Bots and automation can help with process management and lead generation. In essence, chatbots are practical tools if you want to automate your marketing efforts.

When used right, this software can be a very profitable marketing strategy. This article will help you understand what chatbot marketing is all about. It will also discuss how to use chatbots to enhance your customer service.

What Is Chatbot Marketing?

The best way to step up your game in business is to automate your processes. In marketing, you can use chatbots to attend to customer needs. It also allows them to understand more about your company’s products and services.

Chatbots are becoming popular in the retail e-commerce industry. That’s why businesses that want to improve their lead generation invest in these marketing tools. You can have someone do the work of building you one or create your own.

E-commerce platforms like Shopify allow you to build chatbots for free. To have successful chatbot marketing, you need to understand Shopify chatbot practices. These practices will help you better serve your customers while hosting your website on the platform.

Additionally, conversational marketing with Shopify chatbots is simple and effective. It uses NLP and information technology to provide customers with the interaction they expect. When that happens, your customers are more likely to be satisfied with your service.

How to Use Chatbot to Improve Your Business?

Listed below are tips to help you get started in chatbot marketing.

1.   Engage Your Customers

Some businesses lack the resources to become more involved with their customers. Chatbots are the best tools to solve such problems. You can use them for outbound marketing to allow more engagement with your consumers.

More specifically, chatbots can help you:

  • Send follow-up messages to customers.
  • Announce new products or services that will be available soon.
  • Give customers special deals to boost sales.

To effectively use chatbots, your customers need to know when they can receive a response. You can program your chatbots in a way that they inform the customers about this.

2.   Strong Expression of Your Brand

Believe it or not but chatbots also have emotions. These empathic chatbots enhance your marketing initiatives through interactions with customers. Customers want brands that sympathize. Your chatbots should immediately recognize problems and offer solutions while emulating human contact.

Developing a chatbot with a voice can boost your brand image and promote favorable word of mouth. That means that your chatbot should have a personality. They need to answer users in a genuine, human-like manner. In return, this will increase your company’s conversion rates.

3.   Provide a Fast Response to Clients

It’s frustrating when it takes several days for companies to solve your problems. Worst, you will never get a response or an automated email.

People love solving their problems on their own until they can’t anymore. And once they reach out to a company, that means that they are desperate for a reply. Response time is an essential aspect of customer service. Did you know that almost half of your customers (46%) expect a reply within 4 hours?

A live chatbot helps you respond to customer needs as soon as people initiate the conversation. Users are usually delighted to hear a push notification from a chatbot. This pop-up should inform your clients of the specific moment they will get advice and help. This is particularly true if the bot has not yet identified a solution.

Most of the time, the bot will direct the consumer to the FAQ page. It is where they can get recommendations to address their concerns.

4.   Allows You to Minimize Costs on Customer Service

Are you aware that a single chatbot may replace many customer support agents?

Affordable chatbots like Shopify chatbots are available for e-commerce businesses. They are cost-effective customer service solutions regardless of your business size.

5.   Manage Simple Activities

Chatbots are not designed to answer complex questions requiring in-depth explanations. They help answer simple inquiries and engage clients with deals.

6.   Provide Round-The-Clock Customer Service Support

Timed support
Timed support

Clients appreciate receiving data when they need it. Yet, a customer service professional is not available most of the time. Chatbots can help you in these situations. A chatbot online is always present and very attentive. It provides customer support at any time of day.

This increases your appeal to your consumers since they won’t have to queue up. They also don’t need to wait for a few working days to receive a simple answer to their questions.

7.   Enhance Data Correspondence by Using Stored Information

Providing your customers with live representatives has its perks. Mainly, it prevents customers from having to get repetitive answers from chatbots. But, it also has its disadvantages. Since they are chatting live, they may not have the time to pull out information from the chat.

That’s where chatbots come in handy. They guarantee more accessible communication with customers about what they need.

But that doesn’t mean you will replace every live agent from your customer service. Remember that chatbots can’t solve your customers’ complex problems. Have your customers choose between a chatbot or a live agent to give better customer service.

8.   Make Personalized Suggestions

If you don’t know what your visitors want, you’re likely to lose them right away. Each consumer comes to your company with different concerns and needs. It is essential to treat them with the same level of care and attention.

Train your chatbot to present consumers with relevant, specific suggestions. Please provide them with products related to what they’ve already looked at. By doing so, there is a chance that they will buy the product you presented them with.

Your chatbots should ask your customers questions about their interests and character. Keeping user data on hand improves the user experience. It also makes it easier for customers to progress through the sales funnel.

To Summarize It

So far, the advantages of using chatbots to convert visitors into customers are evident. They provide unique experiences and high engagement. The future is certain for chatbots. It gives possibilities for your business.

Chatbots are not a trend – they’re here to stay. The most popular brands in the world use these tools to engage their consumers 24 hours, seven days a week. Companies should take advantage of their benefits while they can.

It’s up to you to decide if a chatbot is worth investing in. Having an audience curious about what you offer and attractive pricing are enough grounds to build a bot.

If you’re still on the fence about using a chatbot, consider this: what will your customers do if they can’t reach you? No matter what your business is, chatbots are the perfect virtual solution. You can use them as a point of contact between customers and staff. Go ahead and let your customers interact with a Shopify chatbot today.

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