The Top 5 Free Tools Every Marketer Should Know About

Updated March 1, 2023
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The Top 5 Free Tools Every Marketer Should Know About

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What is an SMM Tool?

Social media is an important part of marketing. Social Media can help boost a company’s SEO rank to generate site traffic and create brand awareness. Because social media is so popular, it has also become a platform where consumers can share their opinions and spread content quickly. This leaves marketers in a bind because they must keep up with the content and maintain their brand. image. That’s where SMM tools can help. SMM Tools are online platforms that allow content to be shared with specific audiences. These tools can help brands monitor content and filter what is best for their audience, find influencers, and target specific demographics, as well as measure the effectiveness of campaigns. There are a number of social media management tools available. 

The Top 5 Most Used Social Media Marketing Tools

There are many tools to help business owners with marketing and advertising. Some can be expensive, and some are just not worth the investment, so we have compiled a list of the top 5 free social media marketing software that can help small businesses generate exposure. 

  1. Buffer App

Buffer is a social media scheduling tool that makes it easy to manage multiple profiles and publish content at the right time. It helps business owners by automatically planning their social media page posting schedule in advance so that they can save time when working on other projects in the future or running errands. The app saves them from wasting away hours on social media platforms, which would otherwise be wasted with unplanned posts and scheduling mistakes. Buffer is completely free for users who upload 2 or more images per day. This is perfect for small businesses that are just starting out because it will also help them create their own social media pages and start posting content at a more regular pace.

  1. Happie

Happie is an app that gives users the power to schedule Instagram images, posts, stories, and videos in advance and run them as scheduled for maximum reach of the audience. Users can manage their Instagram accounts without having to worry about forgetting to post pictures or waiting until they have time to do so. With a single click or tap, they can schedule one or many posts ahead of time, specifically on Instagram, so they will be ready when they need them most. The feature is great for marketers who have other jobs and need their marketing content to go out on a specific day or for people who want to post a lot of Instagram content but don’t have time to do it all at once.

  1. Social Media Monitor is an app that allows you to monitor all your social media platforms from one place, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also use the service to schedule posts ahead of time with the click of a button and save them until they are relevant again. For instance, if you are running an ad campaign on Instagram that needs added reach and visibility in order for it to succeed, using this app will help with the scheduling process so the Instagram post is ready to go when it is time for it to go live.
  2. Post Planner is an app that will help you organize your posts and make them as engaging as possible so they are seen by more people and have better reach in their lifespan on social media. The app allows you to save drafts, plan out which platform you want each one of them posted around, check your stats, and even plan the next day’s posts.
  3. Social Climber is an app that will help you find more people to follow on social media. The app works by collecting your following list, finding another user that is not following them back, and sending them a notification asking if they would like to know who else you are and why they should follow you too. If the person agrees, the app will then send them a notification about the new follower and ask for their permission to send another one over until there is no one left on your list.

What Else Can You Make Quick and Easy With Mention?

Mention is one of the most useful applications available to help business owners succeed on social media. It is a free platform that allows users to monitor mentions of their business and work on the content they create in order to grow their brand. Mention is also an excellent source for searching mentions of your brand and its content, as well as other relevant information. We recommend keeping a tab on the mentions you’re seeing and using this important tool to stay on top of what your customers are saying. Staying current with customer engagement also helps boost SEO rank.

Find out what your competitors are doing with these free tools for SMM

Tools like SEMrush, Hootsuite, and PPC Hero can help you to find out what your competitors are doing with these free tools for SMM. Here are some of the best free tools for social media marketing that can help you to find out what your competitors are doing with these free tools for SMM. 

– SEMrush: A social media analysis tool that helps you to discover your competitors and monitor their activities, analyze their marketing efforts and get ideas.

– Hootsuite: A combined social media and content management tool that helps you to monitor all your social media activity from one dashboard.

– PPC Hero: A powerful tool for finding out what’s trending on the Internet in terms of keywords and keywords to target, how many times a keyword is searched on Google, YouTube, and Bing.

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