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End-User Direct Target Marketing Technique

Updated November 20, 2023
~ minute read
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The IEU also known as the Ideal End-User Technique

Developed by marketing strategist, 702 Pros

This technique, as the name suggests focuses on a company’s ideal end-user and targets strategies based on solving problems for those users.

How the System Works

Oh, and how it works!

Every company has an ideal user or a number of end-users, and each of those end-users has a specific problem your company can solve.

In most cases, companies at the very least have an idea of what these problems are, but most of these companies do not have a direction on how to solve those problems.

Or how to reach the customers with a problem. This is most evident, especially if those customers do not know the exact solution to their problem. They know they just have a problem and need it fixed, although the solution may not be clear.

That’s where the IEU technique comes into play. By identifying your IEU’s main problems, or verticals of those problems and offering solutions, you will ultimately gain a customer.

This technique is nearly at the opposite end of the spectrum. Top outbound techniques like touch campaigns or view metrics, and in most cases works like a charm.


Stages are good!

At 702 Pros, we love stages! That’s why we created a whole list of ’em. Enjoy 🙂

Step 1-3 research stages

(conducted monthly)

Step one of this technique is researching your IEU; our team’s research will be conducted internally, with your team, and online. The data we collect during the research stage gives us vital insight into the mind of your IEU, how they search, demographic sets, geolocations, etc. Step two is industry research, which includes competition analysis, content gap identifiers, etc. Step three is your company’s current brand appraisal, including, current company voice (suggestive voice), recognition, authority rating, etc.

Step 4 plan development stage

(conducted monthly)

Step four is plan creation, with data in hand we create a specific plan of action to institute into your strategy, create rules and tasks to develop the most effective campaign. Plans consist of the required content deliverables, content deliverables consistency, outlet delineation, team project delegation, and more. 

Step 5-7 Implementation stages

(conducted monthly)

Step five is deliverable creation. Deliverables, a.k.a content, consist of text, graphics, and media. The text will mainly be expected from your team, as you are the experts at what you do, graphics and media on the other hand will be created by our team. Step six is deliverable optimization, which consists of graphic, photo, and video adjustments as well as placement directions.

Optimization will also consist of text optimization and placement. The text provided by your team will be optimized to reach the most eyes of your IEUs, in your case, this will exclusively live in the digital realm of marketing, the text will additionally be used for graphic design. Step seven is deliverable and content placement. Our team will handle the logistics of placing your content in specified hotspots in order to get the best ROI on your marketing strategy.

Step 8-10 Analysis, Review, and Adjustments

(conducted monthly)

Step 8-10 Analysis, Review, and Adjustments (conducted monthly)

Step eight consists of an analysis of the deliverable on all outlets. We will conduct an in-depth analysis of traction on deliverable outlets. In step nine we will review the data collected from the analysis and identify any weak points or desired areas of improvement. Step ten, the final stage, will focus on adjustments to content, specifically on key identifiers for growth across all outlets.

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