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How to Fix Duplicate Content Issues

Updated December 28, 2022
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How to Fix Duplicate Content Issues

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How to Fix Duplicate Content Issues

What is Duplicate Content, Exactly?

Duplicate content is a type of issue on the internet where two or more pages have similar information and therefore appear in search results for one domain. Search engines have a difficult time determining what is the best version of a given page and how to rank it, so this has led to many SEO mistakes over time. You can avoid these mistakes by properly editing and formatting your content so that is different enough from other content on the Internet. Duplicate content can occur when a website owner creates content that is not unique. It can cause problems for your website’s search engine rankings and can lead to unnecessary, time-consuming maintenance. Duplicate content can lead to penalties on your site as well. This can happen for many reasons. Your website may have duplicate content due to content scraping, which occurs when a website owner duplicates your content. Some websites create their own unique articles. based on your articles without giving you credit. There are many cases where a website is created without any content, and then existing content from another website is copied onto the new website. Duplicate content penalties are applied to websites that have been found to be violating the rules of copyright law, and penalties vary depending on the type of content that is copied. and the country of origin. Your website may be penalized for duplicate content because it is in violation of copyright law which can result in the website being removed from search engine results, or a decrease in traffic.

Common Causes of Duplicate Content

Duplicating content is a prevalent issue in the world of SEO. Google has a list of things that can lead to penalization, one of which is duplicate content. One type of duplication is technical duplication, which occurs when someone copies and pastes your site’s code onto their own site. Another type is semantic duplication or duplicating text by rewording it slightly. Scraping occurs when someone copies your content and uses it on their website without your permission. 

Some things that can lead to your website being penalized are:

-Duplicating content in other languages

-Duplicating text in other languages

-Cloning a site’s design, logo, or images

-Scraping content from another website and posting it on their own. 

-Sharing a site’s content without permission

-Changing the layout of a website, including the sidebar-Using automated software to generate traffic to your website

-Linking to other websites in your content without permission

-Linking to a website that has been banned from your country

Fixing a Duplicate Content Issue

Avoid Duplicate Content Before You Publish

Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo are always looking for duplicated content. One of the best ways to avoid duplicate content is to make sure you’re not going to write duplicated content before publishing your article. This means that if you know there is text in your article that will be repeated, then you need to cut it out and publish an edited version. Make sure you don’t add any additional information or changes in content in the cut-out text. You should also make sure your site isn’t on any blocklists, as these are frequently updated with new websites and can cause issues for sites that have duplicated content. 

Avoid Duplicate Content Through Creative Coding

Google websites may not be affected by duplicate content because they don’t allow you to copy text from one site and paste it on another. However, if you find that a website has duplicated content, you can manually enter the code within the Google URL itself to exclude any instances of plagiarism. 

Fix Duplicate Content 

There are a few options for this kind of situation. You can either remove the old page or you can create a new page that is different from the old one, or use the URL of the old page as a redirect to the new one. 

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