How to Find a Website Designer: Our 12 Best Tips for Finding the Best Website Designer

Updated November 21, 2023
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How to Find a Website Designer | 702 Pros

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How to Find a Website Designer

Over 50% of website visitors will leave a website if the site content and layout are not presented in an appealing way. Additionally,  you won’t make sure your website user experience is seamless, this is another important factor in web design effectiveness. This is a very important fact to remember when trying to find a website designer.

If you want to keep leads on your site, you must invest in your website’s design. To have a quality website, find a website designer that can create a dream website for your business.

In this post, we’ll tell you why you should find website designers and nine tips for finding the right local web designer for your business.

And don’t forget, whether you need web design services in Las Vegas, NV, or a web designer in Arlington, TX, 702 Pros has got you covered.

Why should I find a website designer?

You’re ready to start building your company’s website, but how do you know if you should find a website designer?

The following subjects will explain why you may want to find a professional website designer. If you already know why, please skip to section 2: How to Find a Web Designer Near You.

1. The time it takes to build a professional website

Web design takes time to perfect. Just like anything, it takes years to be proficient at website design, and in business, years is simply too long to start gaining traction with customers and developing your market.

Next on how to find a website designer By avoiding paying for a professional web design, you will miss out on leads you would have otherwise gotten with an attractive website.

You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to drive valuable traffic to your site. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to building your website, you can rely on a website designer to help you build your dream website.

By hiring a professional website design company you will save time, and you’ll be able to focus on creating the logistics of a successful operating company.

2. Experience Needed to Design an Effective Website

In the digital age, it is vital to have a well-designed website to attract customers to your business. It is imperative to dedicate time and money to create an excellent website. Now, it comes down to a simple question and answer: do you have the experience to build a website that resonates with your customers and effectively communicate your business vision.

If the answer is NO, you want to hire a professional. If the answers, yes. GREAT! Go forth and create.

What expert web designers do proficiently well, is extend your physical business presence into the virtual realm. Similar to what an interior store designer or an architect would do for your physical location—a web designer just does this for your virtual business presence, which in today’s world can be just as important as a physical presence. If you don’t believe me, go to an Amazon store—I think there may be three or so out there.

3. Let your website do the heavy lifting

Like I mentioned before, web designers are great at showing off your business, virtually. This includes creating sales funnels, and call-to-actions to increase sales. Similar to a great salesperson, your website should be making sales for you. I like to explain it as the first line of sale, if your website doesn’t speak well or represent your business image in the correct way you may lose customers you would otherwise gain if you met them face to face.

Now, this all sounds simple, but it takes years for great web designers like it does a great salesperson to gain the correct amount of insight, restraint, and confidence to make sales. That’s why unless you are going to dedicate years to the craft of becoming an excellent web designer, I recommend highering a pro who has applied these skills for a living.

4. You want to make a statement with your website

I know, but Wix is free… Believe me, I know money is tight for businesses, especially if you’re a startup. It’s also true when it comes to business you need to stand out from your competition. To do so, you need to focus on making your website unique and separate your business image from others. You just can’t do that if you’re using a template, five of the other guys are using it.

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How do I find a website designer?

Hopefully, the spiel above has convinced you that your business needs to hire a professional website developer, Now let’s learn how to find the best web design companies near you for your business.

Let’s get started, with 10 steps to find the best web designer for your business.

1. How to set a budget to get the best website designer for your project

Creating a budget for your web design is I believe one of the most overlooked items. I’m surprised at the number of clients we ask that have no idea what they are willing to spend on a new website. This may be because information on web design pricing you’ll find online is so vast. One website may say the average cost for a website is $500 and another will say the average cost is $50,000+. I know these prices confuse me, but let’s look at this more closely.

The average cost per hour a web design agency will charge (WordPress Website Design Agencies)

  1. Small web design agency: average rate is $65+/hour
  2. Medium web design agency: average rate is $125+/hour
  3. Large web design agency: average rate is $175+/hour
  4. Enterprise web design agency: average rate is $350+/hour

Freelancers can range as well based on skill level. These hourly rates will range from $25 – $300/hour

Now that we have the average hourly rate for a web design agency to build a website, how much time does a website typically take? (WordPress website)

  1. Small business website design time: 40 hours+ (x small web design agency hourly rate would start at $2,600)
  2. Medium business website design time: 80 hours+ (x medium web design agency hourly rate would start at $10,000)
  3. Medium-Large business website design time: 160 hours+ (x medium web design agency hourly rate would start at $20,000)
  4. Large business website design time: 300 hours+ (x large web design agency hourly rate would start at $52,500)
  5. Enterprise business website design time: 600 hours+ (x enterprise web design agency hourly rate would start at $210,000)

Don’t be confused by hours and prices

See how these prices can be confusing. The level of expertise that the given agency or freelancer has will greatly determine the price for your website. Most agencies, however, will not give an hourly rate as their pricing will typically be based on a curve determined by the given complexity of the project when trying to find a website designer.

Take a look at some of our web design pricing packages to get an idea of pricing for your website.

2. Different types of Web Designers

Web design is one of the easiest industries for aspiring hustlers and business owners to enter into. This can be a good thing because you have plenty of options, however, I believe the latter applies in this scenario, you have so many so-called web designers out there it’s hard to find a website designer who can accomplish your online goals.

Below is a list of the types of web designers:

Freelancer Designers

We often refer to this category of designer as “my cousin’s brother’s roommate” because we hear this how to find a website design scenario so often.

The client says, “My friend of a friend did my website” and 9 times out of 10 — us” We can definitely tell”. They are usually poorly created with a number of glaring flaws, not only with the design but also the execution. Additionally, a majority of these websites are not complete or missing the more complex pieces of functionality that the client wanted.

You need to manage expectations. If the prices from above are nowhere near the price you’ve been given for a website, the finished product will most likely be the product you were expecting.

A freelancer will most likely be your cheapest option, however, you get what you pay for. Excluding a select number of freelancers, they will often be much less professional than a dedicated design company, and not have the range (as far as design and function of the website) that an agency will be able to provide.

Web Design Agencies

Agencies that focus primarily on web design are made up of teams that work concomitantly on a project to reach a final design goal.

Design agencies will usually be more expensive than freelancers because you’re paying for pooled expertise. Professional design agencies offer frequent communication, extreme customization, and quick turnaround times.

Full-Service Digital Agencies

As the name implies, a full-service digital marketing agency does web design alongside things like SEO, PPC advertising, and brand identity. Full-service agencies are more expensive than freelancers, and may or may not be more expensive than specialized design agencies.

Full-service agencies are a great bet if you think you’ll be interested in digital marketing services beyond just web design. All of the specialized teams within these agencies work closely together so that communication is simple and the final result will be complete and cohesive.

3. Look at their portfolio

If you’re looking to hire a professional or work with a company on a project, it’s always a good idea to look at their portfolio. A portfolio is a collection of their previous work, which can give you a good idea of their skills and style. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking at a portfolio:

  • Look for work that is similar to what you need. If you’re looking for a graphic designer for a website, for example, look for website designs in their portfolio.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the work. Is it professional-looking? Does it meet your standards?
  • Check if the portfolio is up-to-date. If the work is old, it might not accurately reflect their current skills and style.
  • Look for variety. If they have a range of work in their portfolio, it shows that they have experience in different areas and can adapt to different styles and needs.

4. Read client testimonials

Great idea! Client testimonials are a powerful way to showcase your business’s successes and build trust with potential customers. Here are some tips for making the most out of your client testimonials:

  • Choose testimonials that highlight your business’s strengths and unique selling points
  • Use real names and photos of your satisfied customers to add authenticity
  • Display testimonials prominently on your website and social media channels
  • Consider creating case studies that delve deeper into how your business helped solve a specific problem for a client
  • Regularly update your testimonials to keep them fresh and relevant

By sharing client testimonials, you can demonstrate the value of your business and build a loyal customer base. Happy reading!

5. Check out pricing

Based on your content, it seems that you want to draw attention to the pricing of a product or service. Here are some suggestions for how you can provide more information about pricing:

  • Provide a link to a pricing page or a pricing table, so that users can easily see the different pricing options available.
  • Highlight any special pricing offers or discounts that may be available, such as seasonal sales or limited-time promotions.
  • Explain the different pricing tiers or levels, and what features or benefits are included at each level.
  • Offer comparisons with competitors’ pricing, if applicable, to show how your pricing stacks up.
  • Provide transparent information about any additional fees or charges that may be associated with the product or service, so that users can make an informed decision.

By providing clear and comprehensive information about pricing, you can help users make an informed decision about whether your product or service is the right choice for them.

6. See if they offer additional services

Based on the context of your previous statement, it seems like you may be looking for ways to enhance your experience with a particular service provider. Here are some potential additional services that you could consider asking about:

  • Extended customer service hours or access to a dedicated representative
  • Bundled packages or discounts for multiple services
  • Personalized recommendations or consultations
  • Customized product or service offerings to meet your specific needs
  • Loyalty programs or rewards for long-term customers

By inquiring about these additional services, you may be able to uncover new ways to improve your relationship with the service provider and gain more value from their offerings. Don’t be afraid to ask – you never know what options are available until you explore them!

7. Ask lots of questions about the web designer’s process

When hiring a web designer, it’s important to understand their process and how they approach each project. Asking questions is a great way to gain insight into their methodology and determine if it aligns with your needs and goals.

Here are some questions you can ask to learn more about a web designer’s process:

  • Can you walk me through your typical design process, from start to finish?
  • How do you gather information about a client’s needs and goals?
  • How do you ensure the website is user-friendly and accessible?
  • What is your approach to testing and quality assurance?
  • How do you handle revisions and feedback from clients?

By asking these questions, you can get a better understanding of the web designer’s approach and determine if they are the right fit for your project. Remember, clear communication and a transparent process are key to a successful project outcome.

8. Request references

Based on your request for references, it seems that you are in need of additional sources or materials to support your work or research. Here are some potential next steps to consider:

  • Clearly define the subject matter or focus of your work in order to identify the specific types of references that would be most helpful.
  • Utilize online databases such as Google Scholar, JSTOR, or PubMed to search for academic articles, studies, or books related to your topic.
  • Reach out to knowledgeable individuals in your field or industry for recommendations on relevant resources or experts in the field.
  • Consider attending conferences or networking events to meet other professionals and learn about new research or developments in your field.
  • Don’t forget to properly cite any information you use from outside sources in order to give credit where it’s due and avoid plagiarism.

9. Shop around and find multiple web designers

Finding the right web designer is an essential step towards building a successful online presence for your business. Here are some tips to help you find the right web designer:

  • Research different web designers: Browse through online portfolios to assess the quality of work and style of different designers. You can also ask for recommendations from colleagues, friends, or family who have had experience with web designers.
  • Check for experience: Look for web designers who have experience in designing websites for businesses similar to yours. This can give you an idea of their expertise and the type of work they can deliver.
  • Review their process: Ask the web designers about their design process, how they communicate with clients, and their timeline for completing projects. This can help you understand their work style and whether it aligns with your needs.
  • Evaluate their pricing: Consider the cost of different web designers and compare them to their services. Don’t just go for the lowest price, as quality is often reflected in the price.

By taking the time to shop around and find multiple web designers, you can ensure that you find the perfect match for your business needs.


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How to find a web designer | 702 pros

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