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Free SEO Tools for YouTube Optimization

Updated July 13, 2023
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Free SEO Tools for YouTube Optimization

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What are SEO Tools, and How Can They Help with YouTube Optimization?

SEO tools are digital tools that help you find your target audience and boost your search engine ranking and, in turn, reach. Search engine optimization tools are essential for optimizing content on YouTube. They provide valuable insights into how to optimize videos best and help improve discoverability in search engine results. SEO toolkits offer a variety of useful features, such as keyword research, page optimization, competitor analysis and more.

YouTube is a video-sharing website that allows users to upload, share, and view videos. It is the most popular website on the planet. Since 2007, YouTube has been one of the top three websites in terms of audience size, with an average visit duration of about 17 minutes. This is why many YouTube channels have both a YouTube channel and a website to help increase the visibility of their videos on YouTube. However, this can lead to some problems with SEO. Since there are no specific guidelines for SEO on YouTube, it’s up to you to optimize your video and your website so that they get found by viewers and search engines alike. With the right combination of tools, you can maximize your presence on YouTube and reach more potential viewers.

Top 5 Free SEO Tools for YouTube That You Should Try


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key element of success for any YouTube channel. It involves optimizing your videos with the right keywords, backlinks, and other elements to improve your visibility and rankings on search engines. Thankfully, there are now many free YouTube SEO tools available to help you quickly research relevant keywords and analyze your video ranking potential. 

These free tools can save you time and energy while helping you get the most out of your YouTube channel: 

  1. YouTube keyword tool 

YouTube offers its free keyword tool, which is extremely useful for helping you discover new keywords in your niche. Enter the type of video you want to create, and YouTube will show you the most popular keywords in that category. Then, it suggests other related keywords that could help drive traffic to your videos. 

  1. TubeBuddy 

TubeBuddy is a free tool that allows you to research trending topics and target your audience with specific search terms by geographic location, gender and age range as well as search volume. TubeBuddy also shows how many searches each term gets over time so you can see what’s hot and what’s not. 

  1. YouTube Analytics 

Another free tool is YouTube’s analytics which gives you the ability to view search volume and trend data for your videos over time and target your videos to specific audiences. 

  1. Google Trends 

The first step in determining how your video ranks across different keywords is searching Google Trends. This free tool allows you to compare the search trends of any two or more keywords at a glance and offers insight into whether one term is hotter, making it easier than ever for marketers to find exactly what they’re looking for without wading through pages upon pages of results. 

  1. Video SEO Tool 

Another free tool that offers search volume and keyword data for various terms is Video SEO Tool.

Notable mentions:

  1. Tubular 

To find out what the most popular videos on YouTube are, Tubular offers an accurate and reliable listing of trending searches over time. 

  1. BuzzSumo 

BuzzSumo allows you to explore which websites, blogs or publications are leading the conversation in different topics by viewing top social media posts, influencers and authors related to specific keywords or keywords combined with a given location. 

Google Trends & YouTube Analytics – The Perfect Pair to Maximize Your Reach


With the rise of video content, analyzing data about your YouTube videos is essential for understanding and optimizing your channel’s performance. Google Trends and Google Analytics provide valuable insights into how audiences interact with content, while specialized video analytics software can offer even deeper analysis of YouTube videos and their performance. 

How to use YouTube analytics software

YouTube provides a wealth of data about the performance of your videos and channel. You can access this data by signing into your YouTube account and clicking “Stats.” This will provide you with information on views, likes, dislikes, comments, shares, watch time, and more. If you use any analytics software on your website or apps besides YouTube analytics software as part of an SEO strategy to review video performance metrics across all channels or platforms, you can use the Data API. 

How to use Google Trends for YouTube

To get a sense of how your videos compare to others on YouTube, you can use Google Trends. Click the “Trends” tab on the “Stats” page, then click the “All Time” view. This will show you statistics on how popular individual keywords are over time, as well as related metrics like search volume and gain relative to searches made per month. You can also compare this data with other YouTube channels that share similar content by checking out their Trending Topics or Popular Searches pages, respectively. 

Together, Google Trends and YouTube Analytics provides a deep understanding of how your video performs against your competition and the top-performing videos on YouTube.

How to Use a Video Sitemap Generator Effectively?

Sitemap generators are a must-have for anyone looking to optimize their YouTube videos. With a sitemap generator, you can easily create an XML sitemap that helps index your videos on search engines. This can help boost your visibility and get more views for your videos. A video sitemap generator also helps in faster crawling of your content by search engine bots, thus improving indexing speed. Fortunately, several free online tools make creating a video sitemap easy and hassle-free. 

Youtube Video Sitemap Generator

The YouTube video sitemap tool is one of the simplest options available and allows you to create a video sitemap in just a few seconds. You can easily create your unique video index or copy an existing one and customize it. This tool also features a variety of settings that allow you to personalize your website’s SEO strategy. The only downside is that this tool doesn’t offer advanced analytics and optimization options, like social media integration, custom domain name, or URL shortener. It does have specific sections for the categories on your site, though.

XING Video Sitemap Generator

The Xing video sitemap tool is similar to YouTube’s, with a few differences. One key difference is that this tool not only allows you to create your unique website index of videos but also includes social media integration, custom domain name option, and URL shortener. It offers advanced analytics and optimization options like email marketing integration and keyword analysis. The site also features more categories than YouTube; there are over 400! This means you have much more room to showcase your video content.


Leverage Automation with AI-Powered Optimization Tools

Automation is the key to success for any YouTube channel. With AI-powered optimization tools, you can leverage automation to optimize your YouTube channel and improve its performance. These tools are designed to automate mundane tasks such as content curation, keyword research, video editing, and more. They can help you identify trends in the market and create personalized content that resonates with viewers. However, there is a downside to this type of automation.You need a mix of human and AI-powered tools for the best results. Using solely AI-powered tools means you may miss out on important opportunities that require human input and insight. Human insights can provide new ideas or opportunities that automated systems cannot see—especially regarding content strategy. Without human insights, you risk producing content that is generic and boring for your audience, which may lead to lower engagement rates and lower ad revenues over time due to a lack of interest from viewers. By leveraging automation with AI-powered optimization tools, you can save time while improving the quality of your content and increasing engagement on your YouTube channel.

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