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17 UX/UI Trends for 2023 That Will Impress Your Visitors

Updated July 14, 2023
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17 UX/UI Trends for 2023 That Will Impress Your Visitors - 702 Pros

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When creating a website, the best thing to do is to remember our future users. You’re creating the site for them, after all.

You must consider the user interface (UI) when creating a website that customers love. UX/UI is a tool that digital marketers and designers use to create websites and digital marketing campaigns that place the user first. This fosters a seamless web experience that keeps customers coming back.

Here are some UX/UI trends worth watching (and possibly investing in!) for 2023. Are you ready to get started with 702 Pros’

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UX/UI Trends for 2023

These UX/UI trends should be on your radar in 2023:

  1. Large fonts and an immersive experience
  2. Immersive scrolling
  3. No more parallax scrolling
  4. Design process: Generative AI
  5. Animations and 3D visual elements
  6. Make the most of the card-UI component
  7. Option for dark mode: Light mode available
  8. How and what we build
  9. Massive migration from Adobe XD into Figma
  10. Accessibility is a legal requirement
  11. Incorporating AR into everyday life
  12. Qualitative UX research can create value
  13. Bold colors
  14. AR/VR
  15. Personalization tools
  16. Modes for dark and anti-light
  17. Accessibility increased

These best practices for web design are a great way to start nurturing and converting leads.

1. Large fonts and an immersive experience

The best way to find the top UI trends in 2023 is by browsing the websites of top brands around the globe. Apple, Microsoft, and Louis Vuitton are among the most valued brands in this year’s world.

You can see a trend in their websites that shows a homepage that provides an immersive experience. Websites are simple and only display the most relevant information. These companies are some of the most important in the world, with many product categories and geographic locations. Some websites were loaded with information only a year ago.

Use large font sizes. Large H1 is not only used, but also H2, and H3, text.

It’s never too late to update your websites if they are overloaded with irrelevant images and information. The trend for immersive experiences, large fonts, and large images will continue well into 2023.

2. Immersive scrolling

Designers have complete control over immersive scrolling. They can choose what content to show viewers and how it is displayed.

Immersive scrolling is often referred to as “scroll telling” and involves showing users content more strategically and narratively. Customers will be more engaged when you use smooth animations and dynamic elements with other static fixtures.

Immersive scrolling stimulates curiosity in customers and encourages them to interact on your website with content they might not otherwise notice.

This is one of the top UX/UI design trends marketers should be aware of in 2023. However, it is a graphic design trend that is not universal. It should be customized to your company and help you achieve your marketing goals. It’s a powerful tool. But make sure it is aligned with your brand!

3. No more parallax scrolling

Many websites will gradually eliminate parallax scrolling by 2023. It’s no longer trendy, and it is now obsolete!

Parallax scrolling can be described as a visual effect in which the background moves at a different pace from the foreground. It is achieved using CSS. This effect is only effective when there is a lot of information. It is important to draw users’ attention to all information.

Apple used to use parallax scrolling extensively for its homepage, but this has been discontinued since the introduction of the iPhone 14 series featuring Dynamic Island.

4. Design process: Generative AI

Generative ai
Generative ai

Although you may not have realized it, generative AI technology is already powering some design processes that make your life easier.

To see how generative AI works, watch the video below from Adobe

Designers can also use many websites that use AI to generate color palettes.

In 2023, designers will have access to more technologies to help them in their daily work. If you aren’t familiar with these features, get used to them!

5. Animations and 3D visual elements

Animations and 3D visual elements can draw attention to static elements on your website. 3D and animated elements can add movement to your website’s design, and hold users’ attention.

UX is improved with 3D elements to improve user interaction with the site and make it more memorable.

Important note: 3D and animated visual elements should enhance, and complement other content. These additions should be compatible with static content, and not take away from it.

Websites that have too many 3D graphics or animations can be overwhelming. But if done correctly, it can create an unforgettable experience for visitors.

6. Make the most of the card-UI component

You can use more card components to enhance your design, particularly for mobile apps and mobile versions of websites. It is one the most popular UIUX Trends in 2023.

The card component can be used as a flexible container for information. You can display any type of information, including previews of products and blog posts, videos, images or instructions, tasks, steps and tasks. Cards can be used to organize information and improve the user experience.

You can find tips and guidelines or ideas for designing cards by searching for components in dribble. Examples of these include Twilio’s Paste and Shopify’s Polaris. GE’s Edison and BBC’s Global Experience Language.

7. Option for dark mode: Light mode is available

You should use dark mode if you’re designing a product for low-light environments or users with impaired vision.

As part of UI UX Trends 20,23, you can also choose light mode by clicking the toggle button to switch to dark mode!

Although there is still some debate over which dark mode is best for eyesight, it can be resolved by personalizing both modes.

Light mode can be used by users who are comfortable with it. Dark mode may be preferred by visually impaired users or those comfortable with light mode. Users who read under the sun or at the beach may switch to dark mode to continue reading.

8. How and what we build

One of the key takeaways from this article is that UX designers can reframe their deliverables with the help of design-to-code platforms like Figma, Webflow or Wix Editor X.

In the past, designers would draw the sketches, and developers would do the rest. These platforms allow designers to participate directly in the production, defining all design elements and tokens, such as spacing, spacing, device breakpoint, styling, etc. This makes it more difficult for designers to deliver complete designs.

Personalization is another interesting concept. Personalization is a crucial concept. We need to create personalized designs that cater to each user’s preferences and some niche users who are more able to access them. We are fully aware of this, but we chose to design for the average person because it is easier and more efficient than designing for “you”.

Technology advances will enable us to design a consistent but non-uniform user experience.

9. Massive migration from Adobe XD into Figma

Adobe Creative Cloud users are more likely to use Adobe XD than other prototyping tools. It is partially due to its similarities to other Adobe products and hence the low-to-zero learning curve.

What will happen to Figma after Adobe’s takeover of Figma for $20 billion? Can Figma coexist alongside Adobe XD?

Figma seems to be staying. Dylan Field, Figma’s CEO and co-founder, stated in his statement Figma will continue operating autonomously and will improve Figma Design as well as FIGJAM. Figma will also benefit from Adobe’s digital imaging, video, and vector technology, as well as machine learning.

Adobe also recognizes Figma’s superiority over Adobe XD for prototyping and collaboration. It will retain Adobe XD but decrease its investment in it. This effectively means that Adobe XD could be phased out in the future.

Expect to see Adobe XD users migrate to Figma in 2023. Figma users will not be forced to move to Penpot, as their management team will remain autonomous

10. Accessibility is a legal requirement

All European Union member states have made the European Accessibility Act a law. All member states will enforce this legal requirement by 2025.

What will be different? What will change?

This is great news for seniors and persons with disabilities, as they can now enjoy products and services that are accessible without any barriers.

Even if your country is not within the EU, it’s essential to apply accessibility standards and guidelines across your products and services in 2023.

11. Incorporating AR into everyday life

Ar incorporation
Ar incorporation

For now, forget about the metaverse! Horizon Worlds, Meta’s metaverse platform, reported 300,000. Users in early 2022. This number isn’t small for new products. This number fell to just 200,000 users. It appears that the metaverse will take time to become more popular. AR, or augmented reality, has been more popular than ever in daily life. AR can be used in iOS’s Measure app to measure heights automatically and in Instagram’s filters. Snapchat also uses AR to create Snapchat lenses. AR technology will be used in more apps by 2023. AR technology has enhanced the user experience of apps by significantly improving their features and functionality.

12. Qualitative UX research can create value

In 2023, qualitative UX research will be a huge hit!

It would help if you were not concentrating only on quantitative user research. It is time to add qualitative research to your study. Many research teams have ignored qualitative UX research over the last three years due to COVID restrictions and reluctance to return to work. One-way mirrors have been significantly underutilized.

We have seen an increase in one-way mirror facility usage. There are plans to build one new one in 2023, both in the US and Europe.

If you have the budget, try to do evaluative UX research every other week and generative UX Research every other month. Evaluative research is essential to monitor your product’s performance, improve user experience, and to capture any changes in consumer behavior. Generative research allows you to understand your users better and capture these changes. Both are vital for the relevance of your products and services.

13. Bold colors

You’re likely familiar with UX/UI trends and predictions.

The colors and patterns of the 70s, 80s, and 90s are back in fashion, just like Y2K fashions. Mainly, bold, contrasting colors and gradients are coming back in website design.

Gradients give flat colors a little more movement and dynamism. Gradients can be a great way to draw people to your site and make static elements seem more alive and meaningful if used correctly.

Retro styles are making a comeback. We can expect bright colors like neon to be paired with muted ones. You won’t want to miss this UX trend in 2023.

14. AR/VR

AR () and VR () technology have been more readily available to businesses in the past few years. It is safe to assume that AR/VR tech will become more accessible to web designers who want to create immersive websites.

AR refers to real-world scenes that have been augmented by computer-generated sound, graphics and other input. Virtual reality is a computer-generated simulation. Both can provide a very immersive experience and are useful for businesses who want to offer a unique experience to their customers.

AR/VR technology is a promising development that can be used for virtual interactions that blend with real life. It is already being used in healthcare, education, and retail. Therefore, its increasing use in marketing, graphic design, and website design is all closer to becoming a reality by 2023.

15. Personalization tools

Customers appreciate browsing experiences that are personalized and tailored to them. You can give customers this experience by adding personalization to your website, such as location-based recommendations, results, or suggestions based on browsing habits.

It’s easy to feel lost in a sea if data is shifting rapidly in an increasingly digital world. These personalization features will make them feel at home on your website. Although they may not be able to meet face-to-face with you, they will feel it when they see a user-centric website.

16. Modes for dark and anti-light

This UX/UI design trend will be more prominent on websites in 2023 if you are a Twitter user with your app settings set to “Dark Mode”.

Anti-light or dark mode is a trend in graphic design that puts the user first. Dark mode, less saturated than bright white backgrounds, makes it easier to read the content.

Many users find websites with dark backgrounds more attractive than those with light backgrounds. This is because they are less likely to cause eye strain, especially at night. Your users will be grateful for your harshly lit design, regardless of whether your background is as dark as Twitter or a soft, off-white color.

17. Accessibility increased

Mobile phone friendly
Mobile phone friendly

Accessibility is key to a great user experience. All customers should be able to navigate your site quickly and have a positive experience. These are some ways to increase accessibility.

Voice search

Because it allows for a hands-free user experience, voice search capabilities are one of the best ways to increase website accessibility.

Instead of typing in a query into the search bar on your site, users can speak it into any device and search it there. This great tool helps visually impaired users navigate your site better and is easy to use for everyone.

Mobile-first design

We have nothing to say. Customers love their phones as much as we do. It would help if you made your website mobile-friendly so users can view it on their phones or tablets. You can create seamless shopping experiences for your customers by creating a mobile-first website.

Looking at the top UI UX Trends in 2023, Adobe’s acquisition of Figma for $20 billion surprises us.

Incredibly, a collaborative prototyping tool used by the UI UX community can be expensive. UI UX is an essential process in companies and has advanced greatly over the years.

The top UI UX trends for 2023 include significant progress in accessibility, augmented realities, and the design process.

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