Why Wix Will Kill The Web Design Industry

Is this the end of web design as we know it!? And is your industry next. Wix is just one of example of how technology is replacing its human counterpart. Two words, Car Wash.
by Justin Young •
Updated June 1, 2020

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I’ve thought of this for some time now, as I am an owner of local web design company it is a fact that I will need to face sooner than later. As we all know computers are an essential part of our daily lives, we use them to learn, create, communicate, work and even show love to one another. This is a great thing right? Yes and no. With all of this technology, there is great benefits, but also great cost. I’m afraid the cost is something we all give freely, and lets be honest if you didn’t use at least a smartphone to communicate with other people the world would quickly pass you by, I could go more in depth into this but I want to focus on this one aspect for now. The web design industry.

AI for systems like Wix is getting better and better. In the very near future a startup entrepreneur or small business owner will not need any website talent or experience to build a decent website – they only need a website builder with some built-in logic.

What Does the local web design industry consist of?

The local web design industry is one of the easiest businesses to get into. If you have a laptop, some knowledge of design and some development skills (well, sometimes not even that) you can start a website business. Great right?! Not so fast, it is great that anyone can follow their dream and become an entrepreneur but it is all a bad thing; with it being such an easy industry to get into, it also can be a haven for scammers and can quickly become saturated. Which is the exact problem we are facing now. There are so many pretenders and outright thieves in our industry, it’s not even funny, in fact it’s a sad reality.

The Good

The Bad

The Down Right Ugly

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