NAP Markup Code FREE – Schema – – What is Business NAP? How It Helps Ranking on Google


October 13, 2020
Justin Young

Hi, I’m Justin with I’m a professional web design, SEO, and local internet marketing, expert.

In this video, I cover Schema markup for a business name, address, and phone number.

Enjoy the video!!

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NAP Markup Code FREE – Schema – – What is Business NAP? How It Helps Ranking on Google.

Get the code I used in the video here —–…


Video Transcription

0:00hey guys just 702 pros dot com here in this video and show you a local business
0:12owners how to add any AP to your website you may be asking yourself what is in AP
0:18Berlin AP is the name address and phone number of your business like Google
0:24being in Yahoo are looking at these in AP’s on every page of your website and
0:32they’re gonna rain those pages for certain terms that correlate with that
0:36type of business I’m on the front page of my website and I’m gonna go down to
0:41the bottom and show you the footer where I have my in AP information ok so this
0:46is what it looks like this is what I’m talking about this little looks like to
0:50a visitor to the website so has the name of the business description right here
0:58address and then phone number at the bottom you’re not just gonna write it in
1:02like this we’re gonna do it with HTML but it’s gonna be schema markup and
1:08schema is like the hub for data structured information that search
1:12engines use to tell like they’re crawling robots what that information is
1:19so I’m gonna get all this boils down to full disclosure to Google what your
1:26business is about because at the end of the day
1:29search engines like Google wanna give their customers the best results
1:34possible and how they do that is a lot of this structured data so I created a a
1:40test page and I took that the NAPF information
1:45the markup HTML for it and I put on this page here and we’re just gonna go over
1:49real quick and don’t worry if you’re just blown away by this nearly ok I be
1:55able to do this I’m gonna have a link to my add to a blog post I wrote for this
1:59and you can just copy this code on your site and you’re good to go
2:05and dyspnea plug in your information course let’s ask over this real quick
2:10this first item is the so-called itemscope so when when a Google bios of
2:17your site when they see this item scope it directly goes to the end dennis is
2:21local business knows that is the daddy you’re talking about the structured data
2:27so then everything inside this item scope is pertaining to a local business
2:33the second item is so item props the properties of the items scope case of
2:42that item property and the property is a name and then the name is 702 pros so
2:50that’s the name of the business and then this next item is a description of the
2:54business and here’s some description information so the next item is item
2:59property is address and then this is a like a sub itemscope because this is the
3:06postal address this is your gonna have properties underneath this postal
3:11address so the postal address and then the first property that is street
3:17address and then you have address locality which is the city and then
3:24postal code and address region which is Nevada and then the last item is
3:30telephone number so we have that in their copy this code put in your
3:33information put in the foot of your website and then it’ll take a few weeks
3:38but Google will start to find this information and you will start to raise
3:43in the local business results
3:47local search results had a blog post ready for you guys if you thought this
3:52video was insightful information out of it if you thought it was helpful for you
3:59please press the white bun leave a comment if you have any questions and if
4:04you want to see some more videos on local marketing local SEO regular SEO
4:11web design and graphic design videos please subscribe to my channel ok thanks
4:17for watching and I’ll see you next time

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