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702 Pros: Digital Marketing Experts | Marketing skills—O! We Got Those Covered.

We are 702 Pros, a Las Vegas-based digital marketing agency. We design digital marketing campaigns to attract new customers to your business. We create each marketing plan based on your customer demographic searching behaviors. Each campaign is specifically tailored for your business needs.

Examples of Digital Marketing:

  1. Digital Marketing: Digital marketing is considered any marketing done digitally. Ok! That’s it. lol. done. No, I’m kidding, but not really, although there is more to it. Some examples of digital marketing would be radio, digital advertisements, app advertising, PPC aka pay-per-click advertisement—just to name a few. This is the hub of everything ‘digital’ and the basis of everything we are discussing below.
  2. email marketing: I could just explain email marketing through boring words on a screen, or you can watch a another fun and informative video on the subject. Email marketing is one of the most underutilized marketing strategies by small companies, this tool is so powerful and if done right could mean instant ROI, by leveraging existing clients to sell new products and services, and simply stay in contact by building a real relationship with your customers.
  3. Google Analytics: Google Analytics, is a free service provided by our friend over at Google for analyzing your website traffic, visitor behavior, click-through rates and a whole slew of other cool tools. We like Google Analytics—they are our friends!
  4. Inbound Marketing: Inbound marketing covers any marketing techniques that bring visitors to your website from other platforms. This term could be used for physical marketing (ie. a sign flipper bringing customers into your store from outside), but it typically refers to digital techniques. A perfect example of inbound marketing would be guest blogging, where readers of the blog (which would be on another website) visit your website because of the guest post you did.
  5. GEO Targeting/GEO Fencing: GEO targeting/GEO fencing is targeting specific customers based on their location. This can get really specific, like building potential customers work in or convention areas, including times, and certain media outlets. This targeting could be through Google PPC advertisements, apps, or any service that uses this technology.
  6. content creation: Content creation would be just how it sound created content, whether it is graphics, voice-overs, videos, the written word (ie blog posts or social media posts), podcast and more. We could talk on this subject all day long! and I love creating cool stuff, so yeah! All of which we do here at 702 Pros.
  7. social media marketing (SMM): Social media marketing is marketing on social media through follower engagement, targeted deliverables, and effective digital advertisements. Social media is huge, but you already know that! That is why we have dedicated ourselves to learning how to best reach our client’s target audiences while getting the best ROI (return on investment) in the process.
  8. Digital Reputation: Digital reputation aka brand reputation, has anything to do with your brand’s reputation online, including reviews, social influence and other websites referencing your brand. We have advanced management software and effective systems in place to help dominate your brand recognition and reputation online.
  9. branding: Branding is anything to do with your business image, this is focused around a logo and expands from there, including graphic designs, social appearance, slogans, websites, brand voice (how you speak through video, social, print, networking and other websites—we could go on all day on this subject alone), and recognition just to name a few.
    Most powerful brands start with a great name! Watch this video for information on coming up with a great name for your business. Or contact us for more information

  10. marketing planning: Marketing planning is establishing an effective marketing plan to engage customers in the 20th century. We have helped thousands of customers come up with marketing plans and strategies over the years, through consultation, and implementation.
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    Business Information

    Business Name: 702 Pros Web Design

    Phone Number: 702.904.4262


    Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri: 9:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m, Sat-Sun: Closed

    Services areas: local service provided – in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson. Other area(s) service provided – Internationally.

    Services offered: Web design, graphic design, seo service, digital marketing, e-commerce website development, marketing planning, print marketing, logo design, social media marketing, web development, and software outsource development.

    Email Us or Call: 702.904.4262

    702pros is located in Las Vegas. We specialize in web design, graphic design and SEO services. We know you will be happy with our service because we make it our business to help your business succeed.

    Our web design services include: service business web design, e-commerce web design, Artist portfolio web design, photography portfolio web design, restaurant website design, entertainment website design. We will create a stylish mockup for your review. Once approved, our designers work hard to get your website done in a timely manner.

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