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What are the Main Factors that Help with SEO

The main factors helping with SEO or search engine optimization are on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Within these two pillars lie a number of other factors that attribute to the success of your SEO efforts.

To briefly explain the two main pillars of SEO, take a look at the list of examples below.

  1. Some factors of on-page SEO are text, structure, images, videos, longevity, depth, authority, internal linking, outbound linking, schema, NAP, layout, usability, and quantity. I realize this may be just brushing the surface on the topic of on-page SEO factors, however, this is a complex topic that takes years to understand and execute correctly.
  2. Factors of off-page SEO would include, but are not limited to: backlink quantity, backlink quality, source authority, content of external resources, social media, NAP, search amount, direct name search on search engines and social media, and link methods.

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