Industry specific backlinks

Industry specific backlinks: What are they and how can they help you ranking

What are industry specific backlinks?

You guessed it!! They are backlinks that are industry specific… But seriously, industry specific backlinks are links (usually contextual links) that come from a website in your specific industry. For instance, if you have a floor tiling company and you received a link from a floor tiling blog or website… That would be industry specific!

How can industry specific backlinks help your business seo and ranking on search engines, like: Google, Yahoo and Bing

Well, I’m sure you know that backlinks help your website raise in rank on search engines… But you may not know that search engines, yes like Google give priority to certain types of backlinks.. One of these preferred backlink types is INDUSTRY SPECIFICCCC BACKLINNKKSSS BACKLLLIINNNKKKSSS BACKLLLIINNNKKKSSS.. In case you were wondering that was an epic shout/echo.. So strap on your thinking cap and come up with some ways to get these backlinks.

TIP >> A good place to start would be to type this into Google [your industry] blog… Then reach out to some of the blog webmasters and offer to write a free blog post or ask to trade links. Be creative! or you can hire us to take care of this for you Email Us

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