How to Generate More Leads For a Local Business

by Justin Young •
Updated October 6, 2020

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Figure out your target market

Learning as much as you can about your most important potential customer demographic is the first step to creating an effective marketing plan. Learning how they search online, what articles they read, what events they may go to, and what social media platforms they use most are a few examples of how you can get the ball rolling on your local marketing plan.

Master digital marketing

I can’t stress this enough. If you own a business, you need to at the very least have a working knowledge of digital marketing—check out my digital marketing 101 guide It’s totally free, and by the end of the guide you will be able to use some of the actionable skills I outline within.

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Areas to focus on for an effective local digital marketing plan

Digital marketing can overwhelming if you try focus your attention on too many areas. That’s why I recommend focusing on a few main areas and perfecting them. Also, I realize this list can be intimidating as well. So choose one of the following to start. for example, I’ve been mastering SEO for local search for 10 years now and it has always brought back a great return for my time.

  1. Search engine optimation (SEO)
  2. Pay-per-click marketing
  3. Map Optimization
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Email marketing

Master an area of focus

Now, each of the list items above have their own individual challenges. Also, a word of advice I wouldn’t start doing one without the other, myself, I leaned toward SEO because I understood the benefit of it right away (everyone uses Google when they want to buy or learn something—that just made since to me), but social media might be your thing. You just have to choose one the focuses and learn everything about that area.

Get a Great Website!

Ok, I may be a little bias when it comes to the importance of a professional website, but like I tell my clients, your website should be the cornerstone of your business. The same advice would go for a succesful marketing plan, either digital or traditional marketing. same goes for your digital marketing plan. In order for any digital marketing strategy to work you will need to have a professional and engaging website. One that showcase the best features of your product or service, your team and company culture.

After all we are a website design company, so of course I’m going to bring this up. However, there is a method to my madness.

First reason, we live in 21st century and the internet is big. Everyone uses their phone to search for things

Write Down and Stick to a Plan of Action

Finally, whatever you decide to do, you should write it down or better yet, type it out on a computer—that way you wont use it. Make an actionable list of things you will do everyday, or once a week, but everyday should be your goal. This needs to be a commitment, something you don’t put off, because your business is important and bringing customers in is an essential part of being succesfull in your business. Believe it will be dificult and you may not think anything your doing will pay of but it will.

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