3 Steps to Building a Community of Brand Ambassadors

by Justin Young •
Updated December 30, 2019

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3 Steps to Building a Community of Brand Ambassadors

First. what is a brand ambassador?

brand ambassadors are customers/clients who love your brand (product or service) so much they tell their friends about you through several methods of delivery most notably, social media and word of mouth.

Now, that you know what a brand ambassador is, it’s important to know why? Why? would you want to create a community of loyal brand ambassadors? I think that answer is apparent, but let me go over it just for fluffs and giggles. Ambassadors, either paid or non-paid ones are going to promote your product in a favorable light. Painting an image of your product or service to potential customers.

Let’s take Nike as an example.. I could be an alien, from an entirely different universe, I never have seen anything from Earth, and I crash-landed in Time Square in NYC. Can you see me there? Yes you can!

I’m sure within a few hours I would know the big brands of Earth, Nike included, I would see an ad in Time Square of some basketball player sporting Niyks and then some others walking with the very same pair of shoes on the street and bam! Now my cute little alien self runs into the closes Nike store to get a new pair of fresh Nikes with pink laces or something, but I don’t have any money so I have to kill everyone inside the Nike store and eat them… Because I’m an alien..

let’s go over how you can get people to become ambassadors for you.

Step 1. Offer great customer service as well as a great product or service.

This may be a simple answer, but an essential step to creating long-lasting brand ambassadors and repeat customers/clients.


Step 2: Find influencers through social media, most notably Instagram to promote your product.

This is one of the best ways to create buzz around your product or service. Important note: you want to find influencers who target a related field as you but do not offer a conflicting product or service.


Do a hashtag search on Instagram. make a list of 3-10 keywords and search the hashtags. Then locate pages (influencers) who have promoted a product or service similar to yours (but not the same) IMPORTANT!

Next: Make a list of influencers, this list will be determined based on your budget. Note each influencer is going to have a different cost for promoting your product.

Step 3: Create a Ambassador Contest on social

In this step you are going to reach out to past/current/future customers, utilizing your customer list from social media, website contact forms, and email lists (I love those!!) Think of a prize or a tier of prizes to give-away to winners from each platform of ambassadors.

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