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We are a Las Vegas web design company. We provide custom website design and web development at affordable prices.

Our Process

Here I will break down the process our Las Vegas web design company will use to develop your website

1. Initial Meeting

las vegas web design initial meetingWhen we start a las vegas web design project. – We meet with our clients (if you’re local in Las Vegas – if outside of the Las Vegas area, we will talk on the phone or use Go To Meeting). At our initial meeting – we get to know you and your business, meaning we treat you like a real person, not a number. We discuss your brand, we want to know what your company is all about: who’s your customer, the demographic, how you connect with your customers.

By the end of the meeting We want to have some (I say some because no one is as passionate about your baby aka your business as you are) of the passion you have for business. So we can include that passion into your website development.

Some other info we gather in the initial meeting is: the color scheme, your motto, what separates your business from the rest, We focus on what you want your customers to do when they get on your website.. like – “I want customers to call me”, I want customers to fill out a contact form”, “I want customers to buy a product on my website” We then combine your website wishlist with your company brand and transfer it into your website.

2. Estimate

After the initial meeting – we will send you a breakdown of exactly what we will do on the site.

3. Design and Development

Next, we go over layout options and work on flow of the site. At the end of the design step we want to have a clear vision of what the live site will look like. We develop your site on a draft site that will not be live to the public, but you will have access throughout this step to give feedback. The more feedback during the web development phase, the better.

4. Website Goes Live

las vegas website development goes live
Hello world At last we’ve made it to the “going live” stage – at this point we put the site up live on the internet, meaning it is now open to the public. But don’t worry if by chance you notice any changes – we will still make those minor revisions for FREE for the first 30 days.


Why Hire a Professional Web Designer?

Why – in a world of website builder tools would someone possibly hire a professional web designer to do a website for them?

Short Answer: The same reason you don’t use WebMD to perform surgery on yourself.

Long Answer: We create business converting websites for a living and we are darn good at what we do. The same way you are darn good at what you do… We create every website with your company’s bottom line in mind, establishing a cost effective, eye catching, professional, and most all – sales forward website (meaning… we think of the best ways to maximize your customer conversion).

Business Information

Business Name: 702 Pros Web Design

Phone Number: 702.904.4262

Email: justin@702pros.com

Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri: 8:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m, Sat-Sun: Closed

Services areas: local service provided – in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson. Other area(s) service provided – Internationally.

Services offered: Web design, graphic design, seo service, digital marketing, e-commerce website development, marketing planning, print marketing, logo design, social media marketing, web development, and software outsource development.

Email Us or Call: 702.904.4262

702pros is located in Las Vegas. We specialize in Las Vegas web design, graphic design and SEO services. We know you will be happy with our service because we make it our business to help your business succeed.

Our las vegas web design services include: service business web design, e-commerce web design, Artist portfolio web design, photography portfolio web design, restaurant website design, entertainment website design. We will create a stylish mockup for your review. Once approved, our designers work hard to get your website done in a timely manner.



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