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What is SEO and how can you benefit from it?

702 Pros has been helping our clients super-charge their business brand development & marketing efforts with services like, Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is a term that means getting ranked on search engines, like, Bing, Yahoo, and Google. These search engines use intricate ranking systems to factor website authority. The more authority your website is given by search engines the higher your website will rank on their listings. First off, search engine optimization is a complex system, made up of thousands of factors used by search engines to rank websites. The foundation can be broken down into two main sections: 1) being on-page engine optimization and 2) being off-page search engine optimization. On-page search engine optimization is search engine optimizing done on your website (your site's text, images, and how the pages are setup) and off-page search engine optimization is search engine optimization from external sources (links to your website, social media, etc...). Both of these items are the building blocks of any effective search engine ranking strategy. Here at 702 Pros, we have the experience and the knowledge to setup, maintain, and advance your website search engine optimization, we will break down every aspect of the process and tell you how it is because getting ranked on Google is hard. It's a continuous process that requires plenty of time, consistency, knowledge, skill, and dedication. In today's market, building your website's search engine ranking is more difficult and competitive than ever before. More than ever you need a professional SEO service to grow your company's search engine ranking and that is where 702 Pros comes in and helps! It's our job at 702 Pros to get you in front of informed customers with the information they want to know. Allowing you to focus on taking care of your customers. Due to the depth of the internet and the industries within it, SEO pricing can be hard to determine without all the facts as we need to know what industry your business is in (some industries are more competitive than others). In addition to industry, another key factor would be where is your business located. New York City is far more populated than Maysville, KY - therefore harder to rank for keywords. Last but certainly not least, does your website need to be ranked on search engines locally or internationally?

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I’m Justin Young, the Founder and CEO of 702 Pros. Let’s build something amazing, challenge our minds with creative and insightful development.

Justin Young

Founder and CEO

Hi All! I oversee complete operations at 702 Pros. I’m passionate and dedicated to helping continue innovation and growth of local businesses.

Ashley Mathews

Chief Operations Officer

Hey there! I manage all technical and design components for our clients. I enjoy creating designs and websites as well. 🙂

Michael Pothos

Chief Technical Officer


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