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Why is Mobile Friendly Web Design Important?

If you have been searching the internet on your mobile device in the last few years you have most likely seen the words Mobile Friendly displayed next to listings on Google and Bing.. Ok… So what does it mean if your site doesn’t have those two little words next to your listing??

In short – if your listing on Google or Bing doesn’t have the words Mobile Friendly next to it, then your site search engine ranking is probably suffering on mobile devices.. And maybe your listing has only dropped down 3 spots or so.. FOR NOW – dun dun dunnn..

But with upcoming changes to search engine algorithms (because of increased mobile searching) your listing will drop even further if it is not optimized for mobile devices like now.

So what does that mean for you?? If your site is mobile optimized “your golden”! if it’s not.. You have to give some attention to this matter. and fast..


What is a Mobile Friendly Website?

Prior to 2010-2011 websites used the “shrink method”. Where the site would look just like the desktop version, just smaller – A LOT SMALLER! Remember moving your thumb and forefinger apart so you could read text on your phone.. That was before the days of RESPONSIVE WEBSITES!… responsive website.. responsive websites. (that was a dramatic echo – in case you were wondering.)

What Does Responsive Website Mean? The term responsive website means the website responds and changes to based on the user’s screen size. This is accomplished with “element stacking”..

Element stacking – Imagine there is a border around every piece of this website… The logo has a border around it, the text have borders around them, and the images have borders around them.

Now these border can’t go any further than the edge of the screen and can’t cross over elements that are below them or to the right (usually).

So in the case of an image, the image will keep it dimension (width and height ratio), while shrinking in size. And for text. As the screen gets smaller, the text will stack below. Hopefully – this helps you understand the concept a bit..

now for my shameless plug.. lol
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Our Web Design Process

First, we will create a stylish mock-up for your review. Once approved, our professional web designers work diligently to get your first draft finished. We then go over any changes you would like. We discuss parts of the site you love and portions you would like to remove or change. After changes are made, you will be presented with a final product for your approval. After final approval is made the site is yours. We will go over ways you can maintain the site or go over options for us to maintain it for you.

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