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In the age of digital transparency, having a professionally designed website for your business is one, if not the single most important part of your brand influence and awareness. That's why we recommend hiring a pro like us (wink wink) to design your website or at the very least hire a pro to consult you in coming up with the most professional digital presence.

Veteran Led and Locally Operated

#CreatingBrand loyalty with customer insights.

We’re dedicated to changing the marketing dynamic with culture engagement forward insights focused on traits that inspire patron loyalty.

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Website Design Principles

In website design there are several principles which we follow faithfully.

As in life, design is a journey of realizing what works and creating a system of rules to follow in order find success.

When we started 702 Pros, we had a clear direction of helping business owners deliver better service to their customers by using smart websites that not only look great but work as hard as the owners who wield them.

As our team has grown, we chose carefully when choosing our Pro team from sales, customer service and design in order to bring the best solutions and experience to our customers.

Honing on the original principles, each of our Pros has developed effective processes that not only work but make the entire design experience seamless.

702 Pros: Web Design Las Vegas Team
Art by Justin Young

Web Design

From the beginning, we wanted to bring our passion for websites to clients and their customers.

When this all started, perfect web design is what we strived for. So much has changed, not only in our company but in the design field in general. However, something that will never change is the love for great design and the pursuit of perfection.

The journey of our design has taken steps forward and steps back. In the scope of the Earth in general the internet is still in its infancy, the web is still growing and getting better connected. As with this, our design is evolving and getting smarter, more dynamic, learning from the mistakes and experience we have earned over the years.

When it comes to our client’s websites, we outline clear guidelines and realistic expectations in order to deliver a finished product that not only meets budget requirements but end deliverables based on those guidelines.

Website Flow

the act of guiding a website visitor to a desired end result is an art that takes years to master.

Design flow is measured in metrics. How long does a client stay on website? How many pages do they visit while on-site? Did they make a purchase, contact you, or move on to the competition?

All these metrics and more contribute to a website flow authority or traction rating. Fancy webby terms for “is your website working?”or “is it not working as well as you’d like?”

The flow of a website is so important, we can’t stress it enough. With that said, if you’re reading this we have good news. We have dedicated years to mastering flow metrics and all those other fancy webby terms for “is your website working?” and we love to help our clients reach their goals online. Contact us for more information.

702 Pros: Web Design Las Vegas Team
Art by Justin Young


So, they talk a BIG game, but can they deliver results on their promises?

Now, we’re down to the nuts and bolts of the thing. Can these gals and guys deliver on their promises or are they just blowing proverbial smoke up our fancy underoos?

We don’t want to toot our own flute, but deliverables are what we do. From design concepts to graphics, content creation, including text like this novel, photos, video, and advanced multimedia.

Don’t mean to get too squirrely on you, but yeah, we can do that and we know some fancy words like acumen (I think its an herb), no it means skilled, which we are. We’re not only skilled but we will get your project done on time, while staying on budget.

Dynamic Website Design

We build smarter, faster and more robust websites than the competition.

By creating dynamic websites (websites that change and more intelligent than static) we can connect with costumers better, create more engaging offers and contents, ultimately closing more sales on their website.

The dynamic websites we build are easy to update, simple changes can be made in a matter of moments, more complex changes can be handled easier and more efficiently as well. This all comes down to making your website work as hard as you do and making this asset more profitable.

702 Pros: Web Design Las Vegas Team
Art by Justin Young

End Result

Your website is an asset of your business, an extension of how good you are at what you do.

Our website design process

broken down into 11 stages of fun!

Select a quick link to go straight to the stage section or scroll down to view each sections.

  1. Initial meeting
  2. Bid and breakdown / estimate
  3. Deposit
  4. Mockup creation and editing
  5. Content delivery from customer (images and text)
  6. Draft website setup and development
  7. Customer feedback on draft website with revisions / changes
  8. Final approvals on draft website
  9. Customer training (if included in scope)
  10. Final payment
  11. Website goes live / live site testing

1. Initial Meeting

las vegas web design initial meeting When we start a new web design project. - We meet with our clients (if you're local in Las Vegas - if outside of the Las Vegas area, we will talk on the phone or use Go To Meeting). At our initial meeting - we get to know you and your business, meaning we treat you like a real person, not a number. We discuss your brand, we want to know what your company is all about: who's your customer, the demographic, how you connect with your customers. By the end of the meeting We want to have a good understanding of what you want to accomplish with your website and branding. Some other info we gather in the initial meeting is: the color scheme, your motto, what separates your business from the rest, We focus on what you want your customers to do when they get on your website.. like - "I want customers to call me", I want customers to fill out a contact form", "I want customers to buy a product on my website" We then combine your website wishlist with your company brand and transfer it into your website. [slide-anything id="7619"]

2. Bid and Breakdown / Estimate

The bid and breakdown / estimate - we send a thorough bid and breakdown, which covers the following, but not limited to: what we will do on the website, styles, functions, pages, timeline, and pricing. pristine house cleaning - web design example by 702 pros las vegas

3. Deposit to Start Work (non-refundable)

If you accept the terms of the estimate - we will create an invoice and contract, which covers the scope of the bid. The initial deposit is typically 50% (non-refundable) of the total, and is due before our team starts.

4. Mockup creation and editing

A mockup is designed on PhotoShop, we use it to give you an idea of how the website will look before we go into development. This is typically the front page of the website, unless there is a special feature on the website. website mockup example

5. Content delivery from customer (images and text)

You know your business, you are passionate about the things your business is doing, and you are knowledgeable about what matters to your customers. For this reason, we strongly recommend you write the content for your website (if you would like us to write the text for the website, please advise a team member, but know there will be an additional fee for content writing). On typically projects our clients will be responsible for all text and images for the website.

6. Draft website setup and development

Your draft website will be designed and developed on our servers. Our team will provide you with a link to view the progress of your website in real time. This means you can input change requests to our team, so we can make those changes seamlessly, and with the smallest amount of hassle.

7. Customer feedback with edits / changes

customer feedback on website draft Once, the initial draft is ready we ask our customers to send itemized lists of all the changes (ie. image, text, place and structure changes) they would like on the website. Our team will go down the list of changes and address each item, so there is no miscommunication when it comes to getting your website just the way you envisioned it. Most of our website projects come with a preset number of website edits - (Additional cost added after allotted number of changes). We make it a point to address each change as we make them, and will answer any questions.

8. Final approvals on draft website

Give us the BIG thumbs up! After all the changes are made, we ask our customers to give us their final approval of the website.

9. Customer training (if included in invoice scope)

website backend customer training It's time to learn, After we have the draft website complete we sit down with our customers who require training on their website and go over the ins and outs of how the backend works. Ie. if there is special functions, an online store, or a blog.

10. Final payment

After we get your final approvals, and before we "go live" we ask our customers to make a final payment. As soon as the final payment is made the website will go live to the world.

11. Website goes live / live site testing

las vegas website development goes live Hello world At last we've made it to the "going live" stage - at this point we put the site up live on the internet, meaning it is now open to the public. But don't worry if by chance you notice any changes - we will still make those minor revisions for FREE for the first 30 days. Congratulations!

Why Hire a Professional Web Designer?

Why - in a world of website builder tools would someone possibly hire a professional web designer to do a website for them?

Short Answer: The same reason you don't use WebMD to perform surgery on yourself.

Long Answer: We create business converting websites for a living and we are darn good at what we do. The same way you are darn good at what you do... We create every website with your company's bottom line in mind, establishing a cost-effective, eye-catching, professional, and most all - sales-forward website (meaning... we think of the best ways to maximize your customer conversion).

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