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Your guide on how to structure a marketing team in 2022

Updated July 19, 2023
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Your guide on how to structure a marketing team in 2022: We’ve covered a lot of how to build a digital marketing strategy and then fine-tune it, measure its results, and how even to start a marketing team?

Your guide on how to structure a marketing team in 2022 Intro

This article will give you an overview of each department and how to hire the right people.

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Based on the company’s size, how to structure a marketing department

Before we can discuss how to structure your marketing team, let’s first go over the three main business sizes in today’s marketing industry.

  • Small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). 99 and less employees
  • Medium-sized Businesses: From 100 to 1,000 employees
  • Large enterprises: 1,000+ employees

You must consider the size of your company when deciding how to structure a marketing department.

Your company’s size will dictate how structured you must be regarding specific roles and leadership positions. SMBs and smaller businesses may not need as much structure or planning, but structure is essential for a successful marketing team.

We have the information you need to set up a small business or enterprise marketing team. Here’s a quick overview of the different types of marketing teams.

Structure of the SMB marketing team

Creating a marketing team
Creating a marketing team

Your guide on how to structure a marketing team in 2022: How should an SMB’s marketing department be organized?

You may not be able to hire a large marketing team as a startup or SMB. That’s OK!

Marketing teams are great because they can be interconnected. You can still hire people with multiple skills even if you have only two or three roles.

You might hire a web designer to know search engine optimiz (SEO). This is because web design, and SEO both factor into one another.

Structure of a mid-sized marketing team for business

Small businesses can hire people from different areas of expertise if they have the financial resources. You can have people who are experts in a particular area of marketing within different departments.

You might have, for example, a keyword researcher specialist or a team member who is specialized in local SEO and someone who is dedicated to linking.

Large-scale enterprise marketing team structure

You will need a well-structured marketing team with departments within that can handle various aspects of your company’s marketing campaigns.

Your guide on how to structure a marketing team in 2022:  You’ll need to have skilled team members handling different projects and those with specialties within each department.

Your marketing departments will be home to multiple people, so you need people who can oversee their work.

Overview of the key marketing departments and structures

Your guide on how to structure a marketing team in 2022:  Here is a quick overview of the departments that make up the marketing teams for businesses worldwide. Every business is unique, so not every team may be necessary.

Marketing teams should include well-rounded communication professionals, who are not experts in only one area but can be proficient in many. All teams can work together, rather than working independently.

Social media team

Social media managers will be your first choice for determining which social channels your company should use, scheduling content and all other tasks related to running a campaign.

Look for candidates with the following skills and qualities when choosing people to join your social media team:

  • Writing, organization, and creativity are all skills that can be used.
  • Social media platforms: What do you know?
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to analyze and interpret social media data, including post-performance, engagement indicators, etc.
  • Be aware of the latest social media topics and trends

Team of web designers

Your web design team will be responsible for creating, maintaining, and updating your stunning website. They are your knights in shining arms, ready to rescue you when something goes wrong on your website, be it a broken link or a crashed page.

When choosing web designers for your team, look for candidates with the following skills and qualities.

  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS. Knowledge of JavaScript.
  • Know the best layout and design practices
  • Attention to detail
  • User experience (UX)/User interface (UI) experience
  • Familiarity in web server management and CMS

SEO team

Creating a seo team
Creating a seo team

Your guide on how to structure a marketing team in 2022: You can start dominating search engines with SEO experts. SEO specialists can do everything, from auditing websites to identifying and implementing new SEO strategies to existing SEO strategies.

Although job responsibilities can vary from company to company, you will usually find SEO professionals performing a keyword search, optimizing elements and doing everything they can get your website onto page one of search engines.

Look for candidates with the following skills and qualities when choosing your SEO team members:

  • Analytics skills
  • Ability to understand and read data
  • Writing skills
  • Understanding SEO ranking elements
  • Familiarity and familiarity with programs such as Google Tag Manager and SEMrush

Paid advertising team

Your guide on structuring a marketing team in 2022: SEO is one thing. But paid advertisement can get your site in front users. This is where a paid advertising team can help. Your PPC experts will manage your paid advertising campaigns to ensure they perform well.

Look for candidates with the following skills and qualities when choosing your paid advertising team members:

  • Keyword research skills
  • Google Ads Manager
  • The basics of how to manage social media ads

Team for content creation

Your guide on how to structure a marketing team in 2022: To supplement marketing efforts, your marketing team must produce quality content . This could include blogs and articles and multimedia content for Social Media.

Audiences love original content so it is a good idea to have the following people on your marketing team:

  • Graphic designers
  • Copywriters
  • Video content specialists

Leadership roles

Establishing leadership roles is essential for maintaining a smooth workflow and successful communication between departments within your marketing department.

Your business will have a more significant number of leadership roles, such as “Head Social Media”, or something similar. You will have people in your marketing team like:

  • Project managers These leaders will supervise specific projects and ensure tasks are correctly distributed to team members, that goals are met, and that the project is executed successfully.
  • A creative Director: This person oversees all aspects of marketing and advertising, including planning, monitoring, and adjusting campaigns and evaluating their success.
  • Department Coordinators These individuals will manage and facilitate communication between departments.

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