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Why creating curated content is so important for your website authority

Updated November 20, 2023
~ minute read
creating curated content

Content Key

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What is Curated Content?

 You, probably want to know what in tarnation is curated content?

Curated content

 is tailored content to a specific set of people, or a very niche subject. However, the content, although it may be curated, is not limited and thus does not have any boundaries of what can be covered within your specific chosen topic.

Curated content examples

So you want some examples. You curious little curator you. Some examples of curated content may be cat sweater photos, husky dog boots, or even spork decorating techniques. All of those sound fun don’t they?? I mean common, it’s a SPORK, what is it, a fork or a spoon. And NO this article is not all about sporks and all the cute outfits you can curate (lil’ keyword plug ;)) for those little guys.


Creating curated content
Spork decoratiing - example of curated content

First off, what is curated content and how can it help your business. In other words, how will creating curated content effect your business goal or ROI (return on investment)?


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