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Practical tips to get more recommended posts on your Instagram.

Updated July 31, 2023
~ minute read
get more recommended posts on your Instagram by 702 Pros - Las Vegas Digital Marketing Agency

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Get more recommended posts on your Instagram: You might not be aware that Instagram is integrated so deeply into the lives of content creators. However, influencers have an average engagement rate of only 1.42% per post.

Get more recommended posts on your Instagram: If this doesn’t suffice, consider the median across all industries averages 0.98%. Content creators must make posts as compelling as possible to grab readers’ attention and appeal to them.

Instastories are one of the best ways for you to be featured.

The first step to take advantage of this feature is to review the community guidelines and Instagram recommendations. This is what you need to know regarding self-promotion on Instagram.

You will see the suggested page on the right, just below your information feed. You can view photos, videos, and other content from other users here.

Instagram recommends videos and photos to its users via the Explore, Accounts You May Love, and Reels tabs. It also helps people find new accounts they might be interested in. Your Instagram followers will increase if you post content for others.

Instagram’s AI algorithm is a powerful content discovery tool that helps you find your feed’s most relevant and interesting posts.

AI assistants can make personalized recommendations based on user preferences, behavior, and past usage. To create their content and experiments, users can access their data. This is especially useful for brands who want to optimize their marketing campaigns.

The algorithm is constantly being updated. Brands and influencers need to review or monitor for changes in Instagram’s community guidelines. To ensure that every promotion on Instagram is compliant with the guidelines,

Instagram makes it easy to promote your brand with its recommendations for new content.

Instagram began as a photo-sharing site. In 2018, Instagram TV (IGTV), was introduced. In 2021, Instagram Video was replaced by Instagram Video (Get more recommended posts on your Instagram). Companies have begun investing in social media marketing as it is very lucrative.

Instagram video (get more recommended posts on your instagram) by 702 pros
Instagram video (get more recommended posts on your instagram) by 702 pros

There are two main reasons that more companies are now partnering with Instagram marketing agencies to create an Instagram content strategy. Many companies have realized the many benefits of social media marketing for their business. It is also helpful to have another person manage the work, given the constantly changing content.

1. Showcase Products

Instagram offers a feature that will give you ideas for content in your posts. It can be used to promote a product or create an interesting post. Instagram Guides is the main tool of the user. It can offer curated screenshots and tips on each topic.

  • Locations
  • Product
  • Articles

Travel-oriented businesses need to be aware of the importance of “Place”. To help you showcase your products and attract potential customers, “Products” will feature them.

You can search for Instagram Guides if you are on Instagram and need ideas for content. This will provide you with a list of popular topics to help you plan your content.

First, companies need to sell something to start an Instagram Shop. Next, they need an online platform to store their products. The company’s website is the first. Next, the guidelines and procedures are set by the company (e.g. How much money employees can make per day and how many orders they can place per hour.

  • Meet our eligibility requirements and join a supported marketplace to sell your product through an online store. Talk with us about other matters, including compliance with policies, terms, and conditions, to ensure the success of your implementation.
  • Turn your Instagram account into an Instagram business account or creator account. After the account has been created, you will need to fill in all the necessary information, such as a phone number, address, opening hours, and a link to the website.
  • This link should be between your creator account or business and a Facebook Page. You do not need a Facebook Page Shop.
  • You can upload your catalog from the Business Manager. This process can be tedious for large companies with many products. Integration with an eCommerce Platform Partner and Instagram marketing services are common to speed up the process.
  • Call the customer service center to verify that you have an account. Next, turn on the shopping feature in your Instagram profile settings. Once your chosen catalog is connected, you will be back in business.
  • Insta shops are a rising trend that is becoming more popular. These shops can simplify customer purchasing journeys and create a more professional storefront. Conversion rates are becoming more common. Direct links can be used as content optimization to increase urgency and website traffic.

2. Increase your reach and increase customer acquisition

Trust building on Instagram is all about expanding your reach and followers. Paid ads are still the fastest way to generate leads. But it’s even more effective if posts get recommended and appear on the Instagram Explore page.

Social media endorsements are a great way to reach customers and get recognition on a top-ranking website. It’s in your best interests to contact an Instagram endorser right away.

A second thing to remember about recommendations is that people not following them might see them. Some users might become customers or followers by visiting the product sales pages.

Follow a competitor on social media to see what other people think about them. To get more likes or comments from your followers, you can post to their timelines.

How to be eligible for Instagram recommendations

Follow the guidelines for acceptable content by Instagram users. Non-followers posts will be displayed in followers’ feeds. This means that the standards for posts eligible for a featured account are higher. Instagram can do this to reduce the chance of recommending posts that an audience might find offensive or inappropriate.

The Recommendation Guide must be followed in addition to the Instagram Community Guidelines.

IG reels and content that depict violence are generally against Instagram’s guidelines. Promoting regulated products such as vaping or tobacco is also prohibited. Also prohibited are explicit or sexually suggestive images and videos and people wearing see-through clothing.

All posts that violate Instagram guidelines will be flagged and removed by technology and human review teams. Instagram can also block an account’s inclusion in recommendations in extreme cases. This is usually due to repeated violations.

The Best Instagram Content Ideas and Making Reels

These are some of the best practices for Instagram content creators when creating content or IG Reels ideas. These tips will help you increase your chances of being recommended.

1. Post original content and post consistently

Upload reels that have been posted before or unoriginal content. Instead of reusing content from others, sharing reels or posts on Story is better. Upload original photos and videos to get the best results. Users will appreciate them more.

Notable: Brands can use Instagram’s Collabs feature to collaborate with other brands. This strategy allows one post to be shared with all collaborators.

It is essential to schedule regular posts according to your target audience’s timeline. The timeline posts are, like Facebook, recent. Regular postings during the peak time for target users increase the likelihood of your posts being seen.

Only posts that the audience views have a chance of reaching their goals, including engagements. This can be made simpler and more efficient by using social networking tools such as HootSuite or partnering with an Instagram marketing agency.

2. Ideas for engaging IG reels

Instagram reels
Instagram reels

You should follow the Instagram brand guidelines when making reels on Instagram. They must be part of the overall Instagram content strategy.

These elements should be kept in mind as you create videos.

  • The video can be viewed full-screen on smartphones using high-resolution vertical dimensions of 9×16.
  • When using text, ensure they don’t take up too much screen space or cover a large portion.
  • Videos should not exceed 90 seconds in length. They will not be recommended.
  • Make the first three seconds count. Users may disregard the video and move on to the next post if they don’t like it.
  • Other than the subject, create videos incorporating the company’s Instagram brand guidelines and identity to increase brand recognition.
  • You might consider hiring an Instagram marketing agency for professional video production.

3. Increase Search Visibility to Enhance Your Instagram Promotion

Keywords are essential, just like search engines. Therefore, any content plan for Instagram must include analysis and research on analytics. Here are some tips:

  • Instagram matches search results for the text search query. When creating a post, make sure to include the relevant keywords.
  • Profile name names that match the content might boost search engine results.
  • Use primary keywords in your bio to increase search visibility.
  • Use keywords and hashtags to add context in captions but not in comments.

Register to Get on the Instagram Explore Page

Get more recommended posts on your Instagram: Being eligible is the key to getting recommended. Every photo and video you post must comply with Instagram guidelines.

You should also follow the best practices described in this article to attract more customers and followers. Keywords, for instance, can increase search visibility.

Contact us for more information about how our Instagram marketing services could help drive customers to your product sales pages. Our social media marketing specialist will discuss all the digital marketing strategies to help you drive sales and deliver excellent returns.


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