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Generate Free Income Using the Host Affiliate Program

Updated December 14, 2021
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Host Affiliate Program

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Generate Income with the Host Affiliate Program

Are you looking for a great way to advertise your business and gather a large email list? Doing this on a very low budget is out there, but one problem you may run into – is that it may cost you money that you don’t have, or may not be the right marketing strategy for your particular business. If you have money to invest in a strategy of using email to promote your business, then consider taking advantage of a host affiliate program.

Low cost, big profits. This is something everybody is looking for, and it is attainable if you are willing to have a look at some of the marketing strategies that have been tried and tested over time. Every company is not going to need the same marketing strategy so evaluate which one is best for your business, and which one you are comfortable doing on your own.

Think of Alternatives

There are many ideas that people come up with about making money on the web. One of these many strategies has been utilized by companies that now bolster their profits. There are many different ways to make you more money, but just know that there is an optimal strategy that will work better for you that is very cheap and will still be able to generate huge returns and that is the Web Hosting Affiliate Program.

Some big names use this strategy program as an excellent way to make money. An excellent marketing tool, and yet another way of making huge profits. Every web host that takes part in the program will make extra income per month in profit. This is a marketing technique in which to be involved with the web hosting provider by referring their hosting services. You can find out more about your host’s affiliate program on their website. Here is an example of what a standard affiliate program would look like with LiquidWeb

Host Affiliate Program

Doing what is right for your startup business, and making profits is always important. Even though the utilization of this strategy is not very expensive, it is a way in which the customers inside the program will build up a positive trust from which you will generate assets. This strategy method allows for your consumers to be able to find a hosting provider and service while you also gain from their referral. In the grand scheme of things, everyone is benefiting from this mutual strategy.

The way the program works is that every person that signs up for the program will receive a referral link, which will allow them to earn cash whenever anyone purchases a web hosting package through their referral link. This is why it is so easy to see why the affiliate program is a good side alternative to help bolster your startup during its early stages of development. When you enroll in the program, you can have a page pop up containing the link to your referral link that will be placed in a section on the web that your guests can see. When they click on your link, then the money will begin to accumulate and will start coming into your account.

How it works

You get a percentage of this because you are pretty much a free trial member for the hosting affiliate program. You accomplish this when you send a person who goes to the hosting affiliate’s site and signs up and buys a package. You have then successfully referred them to your hosting provider’s services, which you advertised and advocated. That brings you money, which is how the program works because you made the sale.

Sometimes this cash is just a one-time payment, but most of the time this is a monthly service fee. For example, Liquid Web allows you to earn a commission for every customer sale you refer to them. You will earn 150% of the monthly hosting cost with a minimum of $150 (CURRENTLY). This would mean, if you were to refer a $29 Managed WordPress 1-site customer, you will receive a $150 commission. Or if you were to refer a $400/month Dedicated customer, you will then receive a $600 commission.

How to Sign Up

In order to join an affiliate program, you have to visit their website and click on the “Affiliate Program” link at the bottom of the page. After that, you will be taken to a page where you receive your referral link, which you are also supposed to copy and place on your own website.

Visiting the individual hosting sites for each one is easy because the owner of the site has placed a link on the website to the program. You can click on “affiliate program” or “affiliate program directory” and find others that might be interested in the program.

Not everyone is making money by hosting their own website, but a good marketer can generate as much income as they would not be able to maintain without a website. Why not give it a try? It is less than impossible to make an extra $500 a month on the Internet because is not a real challenge but is one that is worth doing, it can make a night and day difference for your startup business. It wouldn’t hurt to even try this strategy to even make some additional income while helping those who are looking for hosting services while also helping your hosting provider.

If you’re interested in hosting with us or learning more about hosting; You can navigate here to learn more.
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