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Five Recruitment Marketing Tips to Fill Your Positions Fast

Updated July 19, 2023
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Five Recruitment Marketing Tips to Fill Your Positions Fast: Kyla from 702 Pros Talent Acquisition shares five strategies for recruiting qualified candidates for your job openings.

We know how difficult it can be to fill open positions in your company. It can be difficult to recruit, especially if this is not your only task. However, recruitment marketing can help you shed some of the burdens.

Five Recruitment Marketing Tips to Fill Your Positions Fast

Marketing your open positions is like marketing any other product. Your product is the job. Your audience is people who are qualified for the job. Your audience should be convinced to invest in your company. The investment is their valuable time and energy, not their money.

To attract potential candidates to your company and convince them to apply, recruitment marketing uses traditional digital marketing strategies such as search engine optimization, advertisement, content marketing, or Social Media Marketing.

Need some inspiration for your employee recruiting campaigns? Five ideas are available to you. Let me first share some tips on how to map your applicants’ online journeys. Do not go anywhere.

How to reach people in a job search

It would help if you considered how job seekers search online to promote your job openings. For a moment, try to imagine yourself as they do.

The first search

Which is your first stop when you need new information? Google…or another search engine. Google is the most likely search engine. Expand your search to Indeed and LinkedIn to find a job board specific to your industry.

The research process

Yay! Congratulations! You have found the job that you love. You can apply by going to the company’s website.


You begin to research this company by reading reviews on Glassdoor and looking at its social media. Then, you browse its website to understand the company better.

Consider the possibilities

Before applying for that first job, you spend some time researching other companies. You also see targeted ads reminding of the greatness of that company. You decide to do it. You apply for a job.

When searching for a new job, people visit many places online. This means that you must meet them where they are. Because you don’t have to be on every job board and every social media platform, I say “where their at”.

Consider the steps your audience takes to apply for your job. This will help you think of effective recruitment marketing ideas. To analyze how people found your business, and then interact with your marketing, you can use various analytics tools.

Use the touchpoint data to map your applicants’ journeys. You can then decide where to market your business and what promotion you can do there.

I promised to give you some ideas for recruitment marketing. These are five ways to spice up your recruitment process. These are only suggestions. These suggestions can be tailored to fit your business.

Five ideas for recruitment marketing

Five ideas for recruitment marketing
Five ideas for recruitment marketing

1. Write content for applicants

Without content, no recruitment marketing strategy can be complete.

Every business should have at least one page dedicated to open positions. This page should contain information about your job openings or link to another one.

This page can also contain general information about your company, such as employee testimonials, benefits, mission statements, and other relevant information that will help you stand out from the rest of your applicants. This page should be used as a guideline for applicants who have never had to interact with your company before.

You can create multiple pages if you have the time and resources. Potential candidates have many questions about your company. Make sure you answer them in your content. Here are some ideas for recruiting:

  • Write a blog post answering common questions that applicants ask
  • Write an article that offers advice to people interested in entering your industry.
  • Create an infographic to describe your hiring process
  • A page on your website that reflects your company’s culture or values can be added
  • Make a video explaining the origins of your company

You might be short of content ideas if you consider what information you are communicating to your new hires or people you have interviewed. Are there any things you, or your hiring managers, find yourself repeating that could be made into the content?

2. To be found in search engines, optimize job content

Let’s go back to the quick touchpoint mapping that we did earlier. Google is the most popular place people visit when they need new information.

You should create job-related content on your website and ensure it is optimized for search engines. This includes using keywords your audience searches for on your website and job descriptions.

It would help if you also considered local keywords. You could say, “sales jobs” in Pittsburgh or “engineering jobs in Tampa.” These are all related to your geographic location.


Don’t be too spammy. Please make sure you use keywords where they make sense. SEO also involves creating a great user experience. This is what you won’t achieve if you throw a bunch of random keywords into your content.

Other SEO tips to help you with your hiring campaign include:

  • You can use a job posting structure or a job board that integrates with search engines.

Structured data can be described as code you add to your website to make search engines understand your content better. This will allow you to appear in the interactive, cool snippets at the top of search results.

  • Optimize your meta description and title tag with keywords.
  • To get your job listed in local directories, work with local businesses.
  • You can link to your career pages, or job postings on any other website provided it makes sense. Search engines can find pages by internal linking (linking within the same site).

3. Post on social media about your culture and jobs

Your website doesn’t have to be the only place you share your recruitment marketing ideas. And neither should your culture. Consider sharing the information with your followers when you have a job opening. If you don’t wish to post about every opening, you can post a general posting now and again.

People often use social media to find out more about businesses. You can share information about your company if you have the time and resources.

You can tell the world about your environment, team members, volunteering, and office space. Even website content can be repurposed for social media.

Ensure your profile is optimized so people can find you quickly and understand what you are about.

4. Participate in relevant job boards

Participate in relevant job boards
Participate in relevant job boards

As I mentioned, some job boards are integrated directly with Google. You might appear in the interactive job feature if you use these job boards.

This is an excellent way for your employer recruitment campaigns to succeed.

Even if you don’t work for Google, posting on job boards can help you get more people to find you, whether you choose Indeed or LinkedIn. Perhaps you know of another job platform that is specific to your industry.

Do not feel pressured to be everywhere at once. That’s stressful. It’s stressful. Stick to the job boards that give you the best visibility and attract the most qualified applicants. Your website should be your first job board. The rest are up to you.

5. Retarget people who are interested in your job openings

The technology is amazing and can help you reach people interested in your job, also known as Retargeting. Perhaps someone visited your career page, watched your video about your company, or signed up for a newsletter related to your job.

You can make a list of these sources to reach people who haven’t yet applied. It’s like a tap on the shoulder reminding people to apply.

Retargeting people can be done on social media, search engines, streaming services and other places they spend their online time.

This was the end of our five ideas for recruitment marketing. We hope that this has made the hiring process easier. Subscribe to our YouTube channel or our email newsletter Revenue Weekly to continue learning about online marketing. Below are the links to sign up.

Happy hiring!

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