Why should you hire a local website support provider?

There are definitely benefits associate with hiring a local website hosting provider over a large hosting provider like Godaddy. One, you have a clear company point of contact with one-on-one support. Furthermore, if your local web hosting company built your website they know the website in and out, offering custom suggestions just for you, and they […]

Is Website Support or web maintenance required to have a website?

Yes, you need hosting to have a live website on the internet. In addition to hosting, you’ll need a domain as well as an SSL (a secured website domain) although the last is not necessarily required it is strongly advised as most modern search engines favor websites served with an SSL certificate. *Note, we offer […]

What is Web Support aka Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance includes, but is not limited to the following: website troubleshooting issues, security monitoring, updating plugins or adding integrations of plugins to help your website function, changes or updates to your websites, keeping up with best practices across the web, updating code framework, and more.