Do we do e-commerce website design?

Yes, we have developed a number of small, medium, and large e-commerce websites. For most of our e-commerce websites, we use the platform Woocommerce on the WordPress CMS. We do this because it makes the process easy and seamless while offering dynamic building options for our development team to customize your e-commerce website on the […]

Why hire a local Las Vegas web designer?

Hiring a web designer can be a tough decision for any business to make. It can be even more of a challenge working with a web designer that isn’t local for that reason we recommend working with a local designer you can trust, like 702 Pros.

What Platforms Do You Use to Build Websites?

As far as platforms go, we love WordPress, we are a professional WordPress developer in Las Vegas. However, we also do custom website development for more advanced website projects.

What is our favorite part of website design?

We love the creativity behind web design. This includes style and functionality. Figuring out how a concept goes together and best serves those elements to customers and users alike.

Are you located in Las Vegas?

Yes! 702 Pros main office is located in Las Vegas, NV. Our office on Rancho, just south of Palace Station. The address is 2950 S Rancho Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89102

What types of websites can we build?

Our team capabilities are pretty diverse. We worked on websites in a variety of industries and functionalities—some examples of systems we’ve built are eCommerce, user-generated content websites (like Facebook), and marketplace websites (like Amazon).

How much does web design in Las Vegas cost?

This answer can be a little complex, it depends on a number of factors. However, we do have plans for businesses just starting that want an idea of what kind of website they can get for their money. Our plans for a website start at $4,000 and go to over $16,000. Custom function website builds […]

Why should you hire a local hosting provider over a big company like Godaddy?

There are definitely benefits associate with hiring a local website hosting provider over a large hosting provider like Godaddy. One, you have a clear company point of contact with one-on-one support. Furthermore, if your local web hosting company built your website they know the website in and out, offering custom suggestions just for you, and they […]

Is hosting required to have a website?

Yes, you need hosting to have a live website on the internet. In addition to hosting, you’ll need a domain as well as an SSL (a secured website domain) although the last is not necessarily required it is strongly advised as most modern search engines favor websites served with an SSL certificate. *Note, we offer […]

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is how your website is stored and served to the internet. Your hosting company will store all your website files, the database, and even emails associated with the website.