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Your Guide to 5 Best Virtual Event Platforms in 2023

Updated July 18, 2023
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Your Guide to 5 Best Virtual Event Platforms in 2023: Nowadays, virtual events are an integral part of modern workplace culture. Virtual event platforms were created to allow large groups of people to connect during the pandemic. They are also more convenient than in-person gatherings.

Choosing the right platform for your next event can be overwhelming, given the sheer number of virtual event platforms available.

Your Guide to 5 Best Virtual Event Platforms in 2023 Intro

This article will explain the basics of virtual events platforms and how to select the right platform for your event. We also highlight five of the most popular event platforms.

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What are virtual event platforms?

Virtual event platforms (EMS) are event management systems that can host various groups for virtual and hybrid gatherings, such as conferences, webinars, workshops, Q&A sessions, etc.

Virtual event platforms can be tailored to manage different types of gatherings and come in many sizes. Virtual event platforms can be used to host large conferences that require ticketed attendees or smaller gatherings.

Virtual event platforms vs. Video conferencing tools

Zoom has become synonymous with virtual gatherings in today’s educational and work spheres. However, this is not true for virtual event platforms.

Your Guide to 5 Best Virtual Event Platforms in 2023: These virtual event platforms can accommodate large audiences and provide a seamless user interface with lots of interaction. video conference tools like Zoom are used primarily to host meetings.

While video conferencing tools are handy, they lack the audience engagement features in virtual event platforms.

How to choose the right platform for your next virtual event

Your online event
Your online event

These questions will help narrow your search for a virtual event platform to host your next event.

  • What kind of event are they hosting?
  • Is the event interactive?
  • What number of people will attend?
  • Are tickets required for attendees to attend?
  • Is this a hybrid or completely virtual event?
  • Do multiple streams or breakout rooms need to be available?

These questions will help you sort through the many available virtual event platforms so you can pick the right platform for your event.

Top virtual events platforms for 2023

  1. Hopin
  2. vFairs
  3. BigMarker
  4. Accelevents
  5. HeySummit

Your Guide to 5 Best Virtual Event Platforms in 2023: Take a look at five top virtual and hybrid events platforms today, in no particular order. Here are some of their significant features.

1. Hopin

Notable Features:

  • Events that are virtual, hybrid, in-person, and internal
  • Register for an event
  • Participant and 1:1 networking
  • Virtual lobby
  • Analytical reports
  • and even more!

Your Guide to 5 Best Virtual Event Platforms in 2023: Hopin provides a free version to those just starting with virtual event planning. Advanced Plans can be purchased for those who want a full-service package. Request a demo to learn more about Hopin’s Advanced Plans pricing.

Hopin, an event management platform, offers virtual, hybrid, and in-person experiences. Hopin offers networking features that enable one-on-one and hands-on sessions for event organizers, regardless of whether you have 50 or 5,000 guests.

You can also customize the platform to make your event unique and personal to your audience. You can manage every aspect of your next hybrid or virtual event, from ticket and registration management to attendance analytics reports.

2. vFairs

Notable Features:

  • Events that can be held in person, virtual, or hybrid formats
  • Virtual lobby animation and virtual exhibit hall
  • Sponsorships for events
  • Chat tools and networking
  • Analytical reports
  • and even more !

To find out more information about pricing, visit vFairs. You can book a demo and learn more about their platform.

You can create an animated virtual lobby to greet your attendees and include interactive booths for increased connectivity. vFairs virtual environments mimic real venues, making it easy to navigate and creating an intuitive event experience.

Virtual auditoriums, presentation halls, and virtual audiences create an immersive webinar experience and a speaking experience. Interactive tools enable audiences to interact with speakers via chat and gamification.

3. BigMarker

Notable Features:

  • You can create live, simulative, and on-demand video experience
  • Breakout sessions, exhibitor rooms, and attendee networking tools
  • Registration management for hybrid and virtual events
  • You have the option to customize your brand experience
  • Analytical reports
  • and even more !

Get a quote from BigMarker today and get started on your next virtual event.

Your Guide to 5 Best Virtual Event Platforms in 2023: BigMarker’s broadcast studio allows you to create and stream high-quality webinars or live-stream events. Like a live event, you can create interactive presentations encouraging participation through chat, polling, and handouts.

You can make a unique virtual event with branding and navigation control. There are many options available to you, including exhibitor halls, breakout sessions, networking meetings, and even gamification, which can create immersive events.

4. Accelevents

Notable Features:

  • 1:1 Attendee networking tools
  • Virtual lobby and breakout areas
  • Integrations for webcasting
  • Sponsorships and event exhibitors
  • Analytical reports
  • and even more!

Prices for Accelevents start at $125+ per Month. You can also pay per event starting at $500.

Accelevents allows you to host conferences, product launches, job fairs, seminars, and training. Accelevents provides end-to-end event administration so that you can control your event and make it memorable for your attendees.

You can tailor your event to suit your audience with an intuitive platform. You can organize engaging events that attendees in person and online will enjoy. Expo halls can even be sponsored.

5. HeySummit

Notable Features:

  • Unlimited active events, unlimited team members
  • Brand customization
  • Speaker dashboard and talk management
  • Analytical reports
  • Compatible with Zoom, YouTube, and BigMarker, as well as video and webinar platforms such as GoogleMet, GoogleMeet, and Wistia.
  • and even more!

Your Guide to 5 Best Virtual Event Platforms in 2023: Pricing for HeySummit starts from $33+ per Month or $300+ annually

HeySummit makes it easy to organize and coordinate virtual events. You can manage the registration flow and track who is who with our attendee registration tools. Dashboards allow your speakers to control how they address audiences. They also help keep their information current. Talk management tools enable you to manage speaking events.

HeySummit has reporting and analytics capabilities that allow you to monitor how attendees respond to your events. This allows you to make adjustments so you can ensure an inclusive event.

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Your Guide to 5 Best Virtual Event Platforms in 2023: It is not easy to organize and manage a virtual event of any scale. It’s a different matter to get people to attend the event. 702 Pros Acan market and manage your next virtual event.

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