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We provide Mobile App Design, Development, and Consultation

Need a professionally designed and developed mobile app for your business? We build smartphone/mobile apps that are not only functional but UX/UI focused helping your app succeed and seperate your business for the competition. Let us help bring your idea to life, we'll start by frameworking your app from scratch, developing new ideas and building off your original image.

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Smartphone App Development | Mobile App Design and Development

We have competitive pricing, and a multitude of pre-built solutions that can work with what you need, or we can program a system that works with your new idea. We have experience with new app idea creation and development, app frameworks and function, air bnb style app, real-estate app, directory applications, uber style apps, just a name of few.

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app development and design framework login page examples

Below is an example of a mobile application login page. This allows customers to create accounts for your smartphone. This will come out of the box for most apps and styled to meet your specific needs and app requirements.

las vegas mobile app development and design framework login welcome page
mobile app development las vegas and design framework login welcome page
mobile app development and design framework login welcome page
mobile app development and design framework login welcome page

Real World Smartphone App Mockups

Below is an example of a real world application 702 Pros was the forerunner on. We developed this application using React Native a cross-platform app builder for both IOS and Android app implementation.

btend mobile application
btend mobile application
btend mobile application design and development las vegas by 702 pros
btend mobile application

About 702 Pros: A Mobile App Development Company

At 702 Pros we strongly believe in adding as much value and care to each project by getting to know our client on a personal level. We establish a baseline of professional communication so we can adapt the best possible finished mobile application for our client's business. We really love what we do and it shows in our work. We love to take a clients vision or original thought and see it to a finished native mobile application for IOS (Apple/iPhones) and Android (Android phones) to . Mobile apps are often NEW concepts We still find that most mobile apps are NEW ideas just being brought to the smartphone application market. We love working with NEW ideas and adding our own thoughts and experience to make the best possible application. Our design and development team is built with the delicate touch of design experts, well versed in visual appeal and UX, aka user-experience. As well as app development or programming gurus who can take your original vision, combined with clean design elements to produce the best possible finished product. And that is truly where the magic of app starts.

2. Bid and Breakdown / Estimate

The bid and breakdown / estimate - we send a thorough bid and breakdown, which covers the following, but not limited to: what we will do on the website, styles, functions, pages, timeline, and pricing.

3. Deposit to Start Work (non-refundable)

If you accept the terms of the estimate - we will create an invoice and contract, which covers the scope of the bid. The initial deposit is typically 25% (non-refundable) of the total, and is due before our team starts.

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