Epson Perfection Scanner

Updated November 17, 2023
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Epson Perfection Scanner

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Epson Perfection Scanner

alling Epson Perfection 1200U Scanner Drivers under Windows 10 //

Epson 1200 Scanner w/ Photo Attachment

Many people still have the Epson 1200U and 1200U photo scanners. Although it’s an older model, it’s still a great scanner.

A few notes I wrote years ago about setting up the scanner in Windows 7 and Vista.

A new workstation running Windows 10 was built at the end of 2019. Although Epson has not yet provided drivers for the Epson 1200U scanners, there are ways to get the hardware running. These drivers can be downloaded for the Epson 2400, and then installed as the Epson Perfection4990.

Here we are:

Step 1: Connect and power up the scanner

Make sure that your Epson 1200 has been connected via USB to your computer and turned on.

Step 2: Download drivers and utilities

Download drivers and Epson Scan Utility to the Epson 2400 scanner at the Epson website.

Windows 10 64-bit is what I am using, so the right set of files was:

Scanner Driver and EPSON Scan Utility Version 3.04A


14.77 MB


Download the driver files and Epson Scan utility in a Zip file.

These files should be inside the box when it is unpacked:

Step 3: Device Manager

You can open the Device Manager control panel simply by entering Device Manager into the Windows 10 search bar, and then selecting it.

You can find the Perfection 1200 listed in Other Devices.

Epson 1200 Driver Setup – Device Manager

Step 4: Update your driver

Right click on the Perfection 1200 device to select Update Driver

Select “Browse your computer for driver software” from the “How would you like to search for drivers?” panel.

Select “Let’s choose from a list” on the “Browser driver on your computer panel.”

Click Next and select “Show All Devices”.

If necessary, wait a while before loading the manufacturers. Select EPSON from the Manufacturers list and click Next.

Find the EPSON Perfection 4990 in the Model List.

The last prompt should be visible:

You should then go back to the Device Manager and see the Epson Perfection4990 listed under Imaging Devices.

Step 5: Epson Scan software

I had already installed Epson Scan (Setup.exe), which was part of the Epson 2400 driver package.

Please note: The scanner must be on in order for the software’s to launch properly.

Step 6: Windows Scan

Alternativly, you can also download the Windows Scan software free from the Microsoft Store.

Step 7: Turn on your scanner before you boot your computer

Notice: After you have installed the drivers, the scanner must be turned on before you start/boot your computer. The scanner may not be recognized by the computer if it isn’t connected via USB. My experience is that the scanner will not recognize the presence of a running computer if it is powered on while it is being used.

Step 8: Enjoy

We hope you can keep your Epson 1200 scanner from going to the dump and enjoy many more years of usage.

Installing Epson Perfect 1200U Scanner Drivers Under Windows 10 was first published on Vance Bell in Philadelphia, PA.


Epson Perfection ScannerEpson Perfection ScannerEpson Perfection Scanner

Epson Perfection Scanner

Epson Perfection Scanner

Epson Perfection Scanner

Epson Perfection Scanner

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