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Our SEO aka search engine optimization service utilizes the most effective search engine optimization techniques available to increase your company’s exposure, organically. We offer plans that meet most company’s budgets. However, hiring an SEO professional may not be the best choice for all companies. If you have a very low marketing budget, you may need to do it yourself, for a while, build some clients, and then hire a company to help.


SEO, SEM, or SER are terms designed to confuse and mesmerize you… But in non-tech geek terms – it means getting ranked on search engines, like: Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

SEO Basics

building-blocks seo

Search engine optimization is a complex system, made up of thousands of factors used by search engines to rank website. Although, the foundation can be broken down into two main sections >>> On-Page search engine optimization and Off-Page search engine optimization.

On-Page search engine optimization: Is search engine optimizing done on your website. (content, structure, etc.)

Off-Page search engine optimization: Is search engine optimization from external sources. (i.e. links to your website, social media, etc.)

Both of these items are the building blocks (aa aa see what I did there! I referenced building blocks and have a picture of what? Yes! building blocks!) of any effective search engine ranking strategy.

But don’t take it from me.. Google made a handy dandy starter guide for those new to SEO >> Google search engine optimization Starter Guide

Getting ranked on Google is Hard – There are no quick fixes or magic cures all

Search Engine Optimization - Snake Oil

Avoid Modern Day Snake Oil – “For a $150 a month I will get you on the first page of Google”…

If you’ve been in business in the last decade, you probably heard this phrase from a guy or gal in Florida (example.. there is NO guy or gal in Florida).. And of course, this is not true.

Let’s imagine for a moment that this was true – If everyone could pay $150/month and be listed number 1 on Google, wouldn’t everyone be number 1. Yet, this scenario opens up a whole other can of worms. If everyone is number 1, than actually no one is number 1..

My point here is – you can possibly find an SEO package for $150 but I wouldn’t count on it being the best bang for your buck or tailored toward your business goals.

Example: Most search engine optimization companies charge around $50+ an hour for SEO services. So for $150/month you would get only 3 hours or less of search engine optimization work/month from these so called professional. And take it from me, they wont get a whole lot accomplished in 3 hours a month.

See Our Local SEO In Action

Take a look at the Local SEO Package we use for them. One that actually works!

Let’s Get Real

We do have the experience and the knowledge to setup, maintain and advance your website search engine optimization. We’ll break down every aspect of the process and tell you how it is; not what we think you want to here.

Getting ranked on Google is HARD.. It’s a continuous process; requiring time (a lot of it), consistency, knowledge, skill, and dedication.

In today’s market, building your website’s search engine ranking is more difficult and competitive than ever before. So now more than ever, you need a professional SEO service to grow your company’s search engine ranking. Transferring your business into the “informed social age”, where customers know what they want and they know how to find it.

It’s our job to get you in front of informed customers with the information they want to know. Allowing you to focus on taking care of your customers.

SEO Pricing

invest money in SEO

SEO pricing is hard to determine without all the facts. Because, we need to know what industry your business is in (some industries are more competitive than others). Another factor would be where your business is located (New York, NY is far more populated than Maysville, KY – therfore far harder to rank for keywords). Finally, does your website need to be ranked on search engines locally or internationally (while both have their hurtles. International can be much more competitive and as a result much more expensive.. Again that would be based more or less on industry, etc..)

Analyze your Website On-Page SEO

  • Site titles
  • Site keywords
  • Meta descriptions (geek speak for webpage description)
  • Image alt tags
  • “NAP” name, address, and phone number
  • Content for quality
  • Readability
  • Ease of navigation
  • Outbound links
  • On-page word count

I want to start a local search engine optimization campaign

Our services include:

One way links

Industry specific backlinks

Targeted backlinks

Relevant One Way backlinks

Contextual links

Blog posts


Content writing

On-Page SEO

Directory Submissions

Yelp Submissions

Google Plus Submissions

Google Maps Submissions

Facebook Submissions

Twitter Submissions

Yellow Pages Submissions

Directory Maintenance

Yelp Maintenance

Google Plus Maintenance

Google Maps Maintenance

Yellow Pages Maintenance

Email Marketing

Mailchimp Campaigns

Title Tags

Alt Tags

H1 Tags

H2 Tags

H3 Tags

H4 Tags

H5 Tags

H6 Tags

IMG Tags

Publisher Tags

Pay Per Click

Social Media Submissions

Facebook Submissions

Twitter Submissions

Pinterest Submissions

Linkedin Submissions

Instagram Submissions

YouTube Submissions

eCommerce SEO

WooCommerce SEO

Press Releases

Internet Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing

Video Creation

Video Editing

YouTube Submissions

YouTube Optimization

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